There are a few TV shows I love. Scripted shows. Arrested Development (2013!!!), Girls, Modern Family, New Girl, Happy Endings. Most, if not all, contain some element of wit, smarts, and requires paying attention. Rarely do I get the chance to actually watch the shows on the nights that they air. Tonight, was different. I was able to watch Modern Family on its normal night.

P Dunphs. http://acarnivalaffair.files.wordpress.com

One of the show’s main characters, Phil Dunphy (played brilliantly by Ty Burell) created a bound book of Phil’s-osphy for Life– for his daughter, whom he was dropping off at college. Throughout the episode (and at the end) several of Phil’s-osophies were read aloud.

Courtesy Modern Family Facebook page.

Granted, his were pretty funny, and rarely made sense. I wanted to read a few more, so I tried to pull up some of Phil’s Ospohies online and saw that some dude actually has a blog “trademarked” Phil’s Osophies !! Say what?

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, ‘whaaaaat?!'” 

Well, this episode made me think of a few of my own Osphies for life. Here are ten for you from Life, Love and Yoga.

Ten Life, Love and Yoga -osophies


1. Do yoga whenever you can. It’ll chill your mind and make you believe you can touch your toes (and you will over time, take it from me).

2. You absorb what you consume (ok, so that’s a rip off of “you are what you eat”- but it’s true! Eat good stuff!!!)


3. When in doubt, shout it out (quietly, in your head, or peeps will think you be cray cray). You might come to a conclusion.

4. Love can be like alcohol. It can make you feel good, invincible and later, like sh^&. Then you’ll never want to touch it again. A week later you’ll be back to liking it.


5. Life is just Efil spelled backwards. Don’t take it so seriously.

6. If having to choose between fries and onion rings, always go with the rings. They’re just not that common anymore and a cooked onion won’t give you the breath you think it will.


7. Don’t get mad when people cut you off. They may have a gun in there.


8. Always be respectful of your elders (no joke, you really should, they deserve it).

9. Don’t be jealous of people. No one is perfect. I have a double-chinned earlobes, for instance.

10. Appreciate those friends and loved ones around you. Who else is going to read your blog and think your sad attempt at -osphies are entertaining?


What are your life-osophies?


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