It Multiplies

I know I have posted (probably a dozen or so times) about all the great things that seem to happen at the same time. And I think energy, law of attraction, and all that other stuff has something to do with it. It’s the basis for quantum physics, and it’s something that I think is palpable.

If you don’t believe all the energy hubbub- think about it… when you are in a room where you literally can “feel” the tension between two people- that’s the energy. Or you are at a concert or a festival where everyone there is having an amazing time- that is conglomerate positive energy you feel.

When you feel happy, when every cell is jumping up and down in joy, it’s almost as everything around you feels that same way and contributes to your happiness. That energy multiplies.

I think the same for misery.

I think the same for fear.

I think the same for frustration.

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my laptop.

The past couple of days haven’t been any of those- happy, fear, frustration or misery. I think I’ve just been more annoyed… and the annoyances just keep piling on. I was annoyed because I am now needing to get a big sale at work- and things aren’t happening. They aren’t moving forward. Then my (work) laptop died. As a virtual employee, this is my lifeline and now I am a week in waiting for a replacement. Couldn’t this have happened while I was on one of my world travels? It would have been so much more convenient.

And of course, my lovable pooch is wobbling all over the place. This isn’t so much annoying as I just feel sad for the kid. But I’ve had to make some concessions… I’ve been camping out in the living room to keep him company and am having to take care of him more often now.

Want to know the precious thing about this time of annoyance, frustration, fear, misery? You can change your perspective on it. Is work going well? Not really, but I still have a job, and I have things that are in the pipeline- even if they aren’t moving. I can do what I can to keep the momentum- I am capable of that.

My pup isn’t at his healthiest? Well, I have the funds to support his health and treatment and I can appreciate and love him even more. And I have my health, which is so important. And although I am camping on my living room floor, it’s on an air mattress atop a gorgeous pebble-colored rug from Crate and Barrel. I’m not living on the street or anything.

Seeing the good in something does something… it starts to change that annoying energy into a positive, thankful energy. And guess what happens- that energy multiplies too. So if you aren’t feeling your best- consider changing your perspective, and the energy within you will literally transform and multiply- in a better way!

“Your life is a garden, your thoughts are seeds.
If your life isn’t awesome, you’ve been watering the weeds.”
– Terry Price


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