Bachelor Shakti Bandha

I’m turning the Bachelor Pad’s shocking moments into shakti bandha moments- one step at a time.

So we shall begin.

I took very few notes this episode because I am starting to think I am no longer going to watch future seasons of this hideous show.

Immediately after Kalon and Lindzi are kicked-off, Chris goes into “25-Year-Old-Man” leader mode. Gag.

Miss Mouse and Cray Cray Bukowski.

The first challenge is bachelor trivia mixed with dangling swings. The winner gets to send a couple home. Cray Cray and Rodent win it (aka Chris and Sarah). They choose to knock off Blakeley and Tony (no surprise there). But Tony thinks he got the best prize of all- Blakeley. Aw, who needs $250k.

Now that there’s only three couples left, ABC is forced to give the most dull person alive, Nick, some air time.

And they do this the best way possible- they bring on Night Ranger and have the couples sing Sister Christian. What I found the most amusing is that I am pretty sure Ed was the only person that actually had heard of the song (no way 25-Year-Old-Man Cray Cray was even born when that song came out). I mean, Night Ranger must have a tour coming up or something, because the Bachelor contestants these days are so far removed from that music and time period. Nothing like bringing Night Ranger to the 18-34 female demographic!

So it went- Nick and Rachel, Ed and Jaclyn, and Sarah and Chris– performing the song for the members of the band and about a hundred bored strangers (and TV viewers, me thinks). Nick and Rachel end up winning and get to take one couple with them… with slime ball Nick persuading Rachel to kick her bestie, Jaclyn, to the curb and take Cray and Rodent along  for the ride.

Here’s the problem, Rachel. First of all, weaksauce! Get some confidence, girl. Secondly, Nick is about as smart as a box of rocks. Always take the better couple with you because if you win, you won against the toughest situation, and it shows your loyalty. Now you look like a dummy and you know it. You lost your bff, you lost your loyalty. I’m also gonna guess you lose the money and the guy too, because the previews ain’t looking positive for you.

Yes, the previews to me look like either Chris or Nick will opt to keep all the money for themselves. And it appears Michael has selective amnesia. Good luck, doll.

And now for the shakti part of this post.

Shakti Bandha – Energy Lock

Courtesy Zenitude Experience

Benefits of Shakti Bandha- dissolves tensions in back, opens the chest, and helps psychic energy!


1. Sitting in Vajrasana, interlace fingers behind you.

2. Exhales everything out.

3. Inhale, lift chest tall, bend forward and place forehead on mat.

4. Still holding the breath, begin to rock arms and shoulders from side to side, arms, reaching upward.

5. Still holding breath, come up slowly.

6. Place palms on thighs, exhale.


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