Muchos Gracias – 100 Posts!

Those of you who are my good friends … you know that it means so much to me that you read this blog.

I think it is because this blog is very personal and it really is an extension of me.

So many of you have said, “I feel like you’re talking out loud to me.” And I’m glad you feel that way because that is how I feel writing it. You all know I have a Corporate America job that I actually really really like… but my true nature is more creative, and this is one of those outlets… so the fact you pay attention, and listen, and laugh shows me that you really do understand me as your friend.

And those of you I don’t know… I also thank you, because, well, you are supporting me without even knowing me! How nice is that?

I believe what goes around comes around, so please let me know if I can ever support anything that is near and dear to your hearts. I always want to be of support to you as well.

So this blog post is #100 and it is dedicated to you, my dear readers. And of course, my 100th post falls on a stupid Bachelor Pad  recap day. So here’s what I’ll do. I’ll break it down. Life, Love and Yoga. Thanks, readers (and my dear friends)- you keep me posting day after day.


I’ll throw the Bachelor Pad recap under the ‘Life’ topic for this, because I have to throw it in here somewhere. I’m certainly not putting it under “Yoga” and I could put it under “Love”, but how real is the love on that show?

Alright, here’s the recap opinions.


Cray Cray Chris: I’ve said it a thousand times before. Chris be cray cray. He came back from the Jamie elimination and literally went and hid in his bed. Then Sarah went over to visit him. This is the third chick he gets crawling into his top bunk. Wtf? Sheesh. Then Chris gets into it with drunkard, Ed, and throws out his “I’m a grown-a$$ man speech’ again. How many times does he have to repeat that speech? I mean, I think we had it on the Bachelorette, then on this show with Blakeley, now Ed. We get that you are a 25-year old grown man who’s seen everything in life. I can’t wait until you’re 35 and look back at how lame you were and laugh at yourself- or one can hope you are able to, anyway.


Cray Cray has a heart-to-heart with Sarah, asking, “how did this happen?” meaning, why is he on the chopping block? It just amazes me how much Cray Cray takes no responsibility for his own predicament. Seriously? You don’t think that you’ve created anything for yourself? Cray Cray loves playing on his own insecurity. Well, he escaped demise, as he convinced Erica Rose to watch him not for vote her and therefore kept him safe another week. This also means we get to look into his Cray Cray eyes another week. Great.


Lindzi and Kalon: I love that they drove to East LA. How gross and scary. LOL. East LA is probably the most unromantic place I can think of?? I do like that Kalon is opening up to Lindzi. I still think they are an odd couple, but they do kind of look alike, which is a good sign for them. So, you know what- good for him. They can have each other. She’s upbeat enough – I still don’t really feel like I know her- they can both be cute little human shells together.


Ed and Jaclyn: Ouch. That’s all I gotta say about that. Ed is a drunkard with no tact. Really dude? Why can’t you have that convo in private?


Blakeley and Tony: this is another odd one. He seems to like being ordered around and she likes doing it, so it’s a good match. Good for her. Looks like they may still be together and getting serious, too.

Challenge was stupid and boring so I’m not even going to cover it. Erica Rose was voted off and took Michael with her. Kinda sad, but Michael’s gamble of framing cray cray just didn’t play out. Don’t you know- if you play with crazy, you become crazy? Sorry, Stagiliano.


I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately. Especially since I’ve been sick the past couple of days. See, most of the time, being single is so great. But when you’re sick? Yeah, not so great. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had great supportive friends offer to bring me food, drugs, help me out. So sweet. It’s just different when you have a sig other taking care of you, you know? I do miss that. Well, fortunately, I think it’s just a nasty headcold and I should be fine by tomorrow. Then I’ll be back on single-girl schedule again.

Ah, the single life. Listening to the ipod in lingerie.

This is probably one of the longest times I’ve gone single… I think my previous record was seven months… I’m about to hit six months in September. I know, kind of nuts I’ve only been single for six or seven months straight in the last …. er…. thirteen years! I’m shooting for one year. I’d love to be single for a year. You know, I’m thirty-five, and one would think I don’t have time to waste one whole year of my life being single. But I don’t see it as wasted time. I know one day I will be married and I will have wanted this one full year of singledom. So I’m going for it. March 2013. You hear me out there, soulmate? I’m not going to be ready until then. 🙂


Yoga pose for the week. Hmmmm. I know I’ve been so witty the last few weeks with my Bachelor Pad tie-ins to yoga poses. Since this is my 100th post, I want to do a pose related to that. I think for today, I will choose Eagle pose. I’m choosing it because when I think of an eagle, I think of a strong, muscular bird taking flight, grabbing a fish or other small game with confidence. That is how I am feeling about blogging now- that my wings have opened and I am embarking on topics and writing with confidence, now in my triple-digit posts. With that, here is Eagle Pose (courtesy of!

Garudasana- Eagle Pose

Garuda = the mythic “king of the birds,” the vehicle of Vishnu. The word is usually rendered into English as “eagle,” though according to one dictionary the name literally means “devourer,” because Garuda was originally identified with the “all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays.”

Step by Step

Stand in Tadasana. Bend your knees slightly, lift your left foot up and, balancing on your right foot, cross your left thigh over the right. Point your left toes toward the floor, press the foot back, and then hook the top of the foot behind the lower right calf. Balance on the right foot.

Stretch your arms straight forward, parallel to the floor, and spread your scapulas wide across the back of your torso. Cross the arms in front of your torso so that the right arm is above the left, then bend your elbows. Snug the right elbow into the crook of the left, and raise the forearms perpendicular to the floor. The backs of your hands should be facing each other.

Press the right hand to the right and the left hand to the left, so that the palms are now facing each other. The thumb of the right hand should pass in front of the little finger of the left. Now press the palms together (as much as is possible for you), lift your elbows up, and stretch the fingers toward the ceiling.

Stay for 15 to 30 seconds, then unwind the legs and arms and stand in Tadasana again. Repeat for the same length of time with the arms and legs reversed.

Thanks for sticking with me for 100 posts. Next milestone… 500!


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