Bachelor Twists!!

A lot of twists on everyone’s favorite brain-deadening show, Bachelor Pad. But boy I needed it. My brain was abuzz from this weekend and I needed it to slow down a bit.

So, we’ll start with a short recap, then on to one of my favorite yummy yoga twists, Half Spinal Twist!

Bachelor Pad Recap:

Since the challenge did not involve anything physical, of course Ed and Jaclyn both won.  The challenge this week was a game-show type challenge. It wasn’t as emotional and heated in years past, so it really wasn’t that dramatic.

Michael Stagliano… is still a doll. I hope he wins again.

I can’t decide if Kalon is an ass – or he’s trying to be funny and just has really poor execution. I still think it’s kind of nuts that Lindzi is with him, but then again.. who actually knows Lindzi? I think everything about her is not real… it’s all great, and it’s not plasticky… but no one really knows her.

Why can’t I remember Sarah?? She is trying to blame Jaclyn for ‘hooking up’ with Ed the night after she did. Uh, shouldn’t you be blaming Ed for that and not Jaclyn? And why are you ‘hooking up’ on TV to begin with? Ew.

Jacyln on Ed: “Who doesn’t have a crush on Ed?” Uh, me.

Ed and Jac get a 1-on-1 date to Dodger Stadium for baseball, hotdogs and fireworks. BTW, Ed‘s firework ‘shout’ is the same as his ‘hook up’ ‘shout’.

oh Ed.

Chris – is just so gross! Blakely reminds him of his ex? What’s the common denominator, dude- it’s YOU. Then he picks Sarah. I heard they are now a real-life couple. They keep saying he’s so hot. Yes, I agree. If he were mute and only spoke sign language, I would agree. But he doesn’t. He OPENS that mouth and the ugly pours right on out. His family must be proud.

J- O …

Jamie– you’re finding the wrong people and need to stop chasing. She’s like the reality version of Jennifer Love Hewitt. They even look alike. I know she’s probably a sweet girl, but damn, she’s dumb. Dude, you are killing me. Jamie stop talking now. Chris loyal and respectful? You think if he’s being disloyal to Blakeley he ain’t gonna be disloyal to you? She definitely came out looking better at the end. Chris straight up lied to her even when he said goodbye.

Jamie and David the Superfan are gone. Chris dug himself into a hole. Kind of excited to see him go down next week.

Lots of twists… in this episode… so why not go ahead and walk you through a twist!

 Ardha  Matsyendrasana- Half Spinal Twist

Half Spinal Twist.
  1. Start sitting on heels
  2. Shift weight to right, let feet fall to left
  3. Inhale, left foot over right knee
  4. Bring left hand directly behind you, close to the body
  5. Inhale, right arm toward sky
  6. Exhale as you twist from the naval and reach upper right arm over left thigh
  7. You may hold hip, knee, ankle, or thread arm through leg to bind.
  8. Keep both hips grounded
  9. Inhale, lengthen side body
  10. Exhale, twist from naval, look behind you or keep head in line with center of the chest
  11. Inhale, back to center
  12. Exhale release legs
  13. Switch sides

Half Spinal Twist feels so good on the back- like all twists, it is detoxifying, wringing and massaging internal organs, and strengthening back and hips. Looks like the Bachelor Pad will be doing a little Chris-detoxifiying next week.


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