The Men Tell Some

It’s that time of the year… the summer version of The Men Tell All.

*Side note* I love that lately I am finding out I have more guy friends than ever watching this show. The viewer demographics on this show are outta control.

I also love that Chris Harrison still uses the phrase, “the most dramatic __________ EVER!”

Emily the Bach.

Recap Thoughts on Chris/Emily sit down:

Not much to say here other than they recapped what we already know: Ryan is a smug muther f’er and Kalon is an insecure baby boy. The awkward Doug kiss breakup situation just re-embarrassed and caused serious side coughs in America all over again. Joe – lame. Travis- lame. Arie’s brothers spying- kinda funny. Cray Cray Chris is still Cray Cray. Dudes who can’t dance are low on my list now that I’ve seen Channing Tatum in Magic Mike.

Bach Pad 3 Cast

Regarding the Bachelor Pad Plug:

Of course – it’s dramatic. Ooh, Cray Cray Chris and a knife? And ew, he’s SO gross.  I can’t believe Ed is on this show. ! OMG I love that Reid and Ed are archnemeses- that is so awesome.

Burnt Sienna, Crayola,

Recap Thoughts on Beginning Segment:
– H O L Y SHIZ. Ryan did some SERIOUS spray tanning. Or real tanning. Or someone just sponge painted Burnt Sienna all over the dude.
– Aw, Sean is so cute.
– I love Arie’s interpretation of  Daddy Doug, Hulk-style.
– These little snippets of Jef make me miss him.
– I love that John called out Cray Cray on his insecurity.
– Kalon is great friends with Chris and Tony because they are all on Bach Pad.
– Wolfman in pink pants? I still don’t get this dude.

Kalon and Lindz.

Recap Thoughts on Kalon in the Hot Seat:
– Again, aw, Sean is so cute.
– Kalon is just not attractive and completely oblivious.
– Did I mention Sean is cute? He is great.
– I can’t believe Lindzi and Kalon???!! On Bach Pad? Wtf?

Ryan with tan.

Recap Thoughts on Ryan in the Hot Seat:
– Arie is cracking me up on him
– Weird white tank top? Did anyone notice that?
– Bachelor Ryan – ew, glad that’s not happening.
– He is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast- Oui?
– Ryan’s goodbye speech is cracking me up.
– Dear God. Sean is hot.
– I do love that he keeps calling out Cray Cray on his insecurity.


Recap Thoughts on Ol’ Cray Cray in the Hot Seat:
– Cray Cray Chris looks like he wants to kill someone in the little picture window
– At least Cray is saying that it hurt- that is good for him to be upfront.
– Glad Chris H called out Cray on his anger management issues. Can you imagine if you messed up on his dinner?
– He’s WAY too serious. Ugh. Red Flags. Red Flags.
– Yes, he’s gonna hook it up on Bach Pad- that’s why he don’t care no mo.

Hot Sean.

Recap Thoughts on Hot Sean in the Hot Seat:
– Did I mention this kid is hot? He’s gonna make some little hottie 24 year old super happy one day.
– Sean is so genuine and great and I hope he is the next Bachelor.
– He had never had a broken heart? I think everyone (although it sucks) should have one at least once. It will change you- in all the right ways. Good for your character. Good for your soul.

Emily night one Emily at Men Tell All (lil’er nose)

Recap Thoughts on Emily in the Hot Seat:
– Did Em get another nose job? It’s looking a little more petite than usual.
– “What girl wouldn’t want Sean?” Well, you, Emily.
– Cray Cray just stop talking please.
– Dorky Doug you also need to stop talking.
– I think everyone likes seeing Em take down Kalon?
– Ryan is SO orange and brown it is ridiculous.

Arie– I’m not actually a fan, but the montage kinda made me like him more.
Jef– well, you already know I adore this kid. Except for saying “like” too often. I’ve decided that she can marry Jef and I can just take his hair and put it in my pocket and marry  the sh^& out of it myself.

Jef + Hair.



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