Two Hundy

This weekend wrapped up my Mukti Yoga School Advanced Asana class by Jamie Horgan and Chelsea Welch… which means, unofficially I have completed my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200-hour level! (I say unofficially because I still have some makeup hours from my trips away to Thailand, Napa, New York, and Jacksonville).

I think my collection of certifications is pretty hilarious, actually. I have now added Registered Yoga Teacher to my Certification in Fashion Design from Otis School of Design, and Certifications in Windows NT and Windows Networking (which are now ancient technologies, lol). Definitely right and left-brained, ya think? Ha haaaa.

Fashion Geek, Diana Ong.

I bring up this latest accomplishment in yoga teacher certification for a few reasons:

1) I mean, I just completed something that makes me a legit Yoga Teacher!!!
2) I have my Saturdays back, hehe, for those of you wanting to do beach time!
3) It just goes to show, you really can do whatever it is you’ve ever wanted to do.

Mukti Foundation Grads, playing around, 2012.

I’ve been basically taking courses in yoga teacher training since January – that is about seven months of training. I could have just happily taken classes four days a week, as I had been the previous six months of my yoga life (yes, I’ve only been a yogi for thirteen months, if you can believe it!), but this opportunity came… and when an opportunity comes that fits your schedule, and is being taught by your favorite teachers… guess what, you take the damn opportunity.

When I began taking yoga in June 2011, I had no idea how it would affect me. It’s changed my life in so many ways.

New Friends, Ang Thong Marine Park, Thailand, 2012

1) I’ve made new friends in my teachers and yogi peers
2) I’ve found a new community
3) I am back to traveling around the world and experiencing new people and adventures.
4) I’ve increased my physical strength and flexibility.
5) I’ve increased my mental strength and flexibility.
6) I’ve increased my emotional strength and flexibility.
7) I learned frickin yoga!

Now, what? Time for me to go be a yoga teacher? Ah, well, truth be told, I did not sign up for teacher training to be a teacher <<insert GASP here>>! No, I just wanted to be good at yoga (and learn how to do a handstand). I really do believe in the learning pyramid:


Guess what comes at 90% retention…… TEACHING!

So, I wanted to learn how to teach for my own selfish yoga retention reasons. I don’t mind teaching for free/fun. Or maybe as my retirement job one day. Or I can come teach you, if you want me to. But I love my day job too much to become a full-time yoga instructor. I took the certification to be the best I could be at yoga. Plus, I could. I mean, why not? The opportunity was there, as I mentioned earlier. I have always wanted something that was physically and mentally engaging and I have found this in yoga. I love it and cannot imagine my life without it. Next up? Couple more electives, the graduate module in Bali, and then my 500 hour RYT.

What thing do you want to jump into and get really good at doing? Yoga? Playing piano? Have you always wanted to skydive? Write a blog? Rock climb? What is that thing… and what are you waiting for?? Let me know what it is… I am very curious and may learn about something new!


2 thoughts on “Two Hundy

  1. Congratulations on becoming a yoga teacher. Remember, you don’t have to teach actual classes to be a yoga teacher. You are one now with your life… Like you said, it changes your life in so many ways. I had a similar opportunity three years ago when I took my training from, Julie Rader, after only having practiced for thirteen months. I now have my 500 certificate and if there was a 1000, I would go for that. I fell in love with it for the same reasons you did! It’s an amazing journey I am so grateful to be a part of. Thanks for sharing the learning pyramid. I guess I need to start teaching Spanish and Surfing, since that’s what I want to get better at right now. Oh yeah…Ukelele too. Thanks for the inspiration.

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