The Missing Link


In my former blogging-life, I had a dating blog about all my dating adventures in L.A. It was a somewhat private blog- reserved for my girlfriends who wanted to know about the whirlwind goings-on of my love life. I was dating like crazy then, so I had material all the time. I have since slowed way down-READ: almost non-existent– but there are things that come up here and there, and since part of the title of this blog is “Life, Love and Yoga”, I would feel remiss to not include some love/dating bits o’wisdom. Today, I thought I would include a small epiphany I had in the last couple weeks.

I am now enlightened.

Last year, I wrote a blog post about linking arms. Here is an excerpt from the original post (and I used nicknames for dudes, btw):

Last night I went to dinner with CocaCola. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m giving it another go – he is a really really nice guy. He is cute too. It was just the arm-linking thing that was getting to me.

I really listened to Biebs and focused on the nice guy stuff.

He picked me up, and I am happy to report- no prancing today. Still opened my car door. Thoughtful. He also made reservations the day before. Thoughtful again. We ended up going to a brand new restaurant to the South Bay I had been meaning to try out: Palmilla Cocina y Tequila. Mexican flava.

There were times when going up to the bar, going to the bathroom or walking to/from the parking lot, he would grab my hand. That was sweet, but something I usually reserve for a boyfriend. I’m a little guarded with my affections in the beginning. But it was fine. The confusing part was when I would put my hands in my coat pocket and he would thread his arm through mine, so our arms were linked. Try having your hubs/man do that to you (lady readers) and tell me that doesn’t seem odd. I think I have done that many times to a guy, but the last time someone did that to me was a girl in 5th grade?

Going down the stairs- he does it again- links his arm in mine. I am not making fun of this fact- instead, I am making fun of my own reaction to this. Why does it bug me so much!? It was like I was helping grandma down the stairs. Something will need to be done about this if we are to continue on in life.

And then we left the place.

And the arm was relinked.

I actually de-linked, then put my arm through his.

Then he de-linked and grabbed my hand.

Then we hit the stairs.

And he linked again.

This is like friggin Words With Friends, armlink edition.

I couldn’t find a picture of a guy linking arms with a girl- only a girl with a guy. See!!???

Ok. So the reason why I am re-posting this is because I realized something- I was with someone who did this exact same thing with me recently… and I liked it. So really, it is not the arm-linking I am turned-off by- it is the guy who is doing the arm-linking. How did it take me so long to realize this! I guess the moral of the story is, if there is something bothering you that much about someone, it could simply be your aversion to that person. Duh!


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