Self-Realization 5: I’m An Overthinker

“You overthink too much.” The Aussie told me this straight out while I was in Australia. I, of course, rebuffed his statement because I like to think I’m so easy going and simple. I am, in general. I think. I … Continue reading

Self-Realizations 4: I’m a Judge Judy

I am probably one of the more judgmental people on this planet. I admit it. I always have been critical of behavior, choices, circumstances of others… and while I secretly and internally judged, I usually brushed off that judgment with, … Continue reading

Self-Realizations 3: I Am Not a Grown Up

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”         ~ Henry David Thoreau Oh Mr. Thoreau, how wise you are. I’ve been out of touch the last few days as my internet connection has been spotty, so … Continue reading

Self Realizations 2: I Sound Like A Jack A$$

Self-Realizations two days in a row! Another Self Realization came to me, and I felt was important to share. Self Realization #2: When I tell people I am so busy (which I am), and have to book them in Dec … Continue reading

Self Realizations 1: The Right One

Hello friends and readers. If any of you have ever had the chance to read my first post ever, you’ll know that what prompted me to start this blog was getting my right brain up and moving, and creativity juices … Continue reading