Self Realizations 2: I Sound Like A Jack A$$

Self-Realizations two days in a row!

Another Self Realization came to me, and I felt was important to share.

Self Realization #2:

When I tell people I am so busy (which I am), and have to book them in Dec 2013 to hang out with them, I sound kind of like a pompous a$$ that doesn’t have time to spend with the people that are important to me.

I always thought it was really cool to be super busy. And I have been this way my WHOLE LIFE. I posted about this awhile back. It sounds like I have an amazing adventerous life – a life that an outsider would find a bit over-the-top and maybe even feel some envy? And it is true- my life is amazing and adventersome, that is for sure. But it doesn’t mean it is cool. It’s like… it’s like it’s actually too cool for school.

Lil Miss Me.

I came to this realization with a dude I’d been out with a few times. I’ve been pulling this crazy-busy-schedule-with-millions-of-friends crap since I was twelve, but to see someone do it to me… was an eye opener. Not that he was rude about it or anything, and I don’t think I am either, but it’s almost like, “c’mon, you can’t just squeeze in and meet me for coffee for a half-hour at least?”

In fact, I am having to meet him in another city because that is the only place our ‘super busy’ schedules aligned. And then I saw myself in that person… holy crap. I am that person. I am too busy to meet with someone. I have to book them out in advance. If I have time… that is. Because I have so many millions of friends and places to go. Oh man, that does not come off very well. It makes that person feel…. insignificant. When in actuality, it’s the opposite. They are important.

Coffee with a Friend. 🙂

I’m a storyteller, and all these activities give me great stories to tell. But it’s time. It’s time for me to focus on the important stuff- making time for my good friends and people that are important.

Self-actualization, self-improvement, self-involvement. Yes.

So on that note…. my dear friends, even those going back to elementary school… I’m sorry! Sheesh, I’m sorry for sounding like such a busy prick. After my last trip coming up in Dec, I’m changing my ways. I will make time for you. I will invite you out. I will be more spontaneous and less planned, but respecting your schedules and lives. I love you and I’m sorry for being so busy and signing up for every class under the sun. I still love learning and traveling, and will continue those things, but not at the pace and fervor of years past.

I will always be involved in things. That is my core. But I do I need to do them ALL at once? Probably not. I can keep learning and keep my special people close by.


4 thoughts on “Self Realizations 2: I Sound Like A Jack A$$

  1. Jess can’t wait until you are a super busy momma. That’s when the real self realization happens. As in…. No time to do anything you used to do. So enjoy the busy Ness now friend. Hard to do yoga with a seventeen lb kid attached. But if anyone can figure out how to fit it all in its you! Hugs from Boise

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