Grass and Happiness

These days, when I wake up in the morning and want to make myself happy, I open my curtain.

Outside, in my backyard, are thousands of tiny, brand-new vibrant green blades of grass. I get excited to see more and more of them with each passing day.

Wow, sounds, thrilling, doesn’t it?

I have been battling with my backyard for years. I’ve bought sod, removed it, bought more, dug up the ground, and ripped all apart again. The truth is, the sod has never lasted. I wasn’t consistent with the watering, I didn’t till the soil just right or add a fertilizer to keep it growing. The sod would never grow roots, it would never catch hold of the soil beneath it.

This summer, I saw an infomercial for grass seed. A seed that requires less watering and less mowing- yes on an infomercial. But I bought into it, just like I did the Magic Bullet ten years ago (that thing still works!). At last- my dream lawn!


But crap, it was a bunch of seeds. Now what?

“Now what” was that I picked a month (December- and probably not the most ideal month, I’m guessing) where I knew I would be home a full thirty days. I bought a sprinkler and a timer, and I spread that seed (excuse the expression) around. I put organic fertilizer, and I’ve watered this thing three times a day for 30 days now.

At first, there was nothing. Then about two weeks ago, tiny little sprouts, then more and more.


I realized ‘my life’ was being represented in this damn lawn.

If I’m going to cultivate a relationship, I need to find the right grass. And when I’ve found the right grass, I need to water it. Watch it grow, and cheer it on. I need to be there for it while the roots take hold. I need to take care of it, and love it. And the more I love it, the more it multiples.

2014 is going to be about finding those things I love. Whether it’s people, a hobby, a thing, myself– and love it. Don’t abandon or ignore it, don’t take shortcuts. Cultivate it, watch it take hold and grow.

Happy New Year everyone 🙂


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