My Wedding Weekend Part 2

Last week, literally one hour before boarding a plane to New York, I wrote a post. It was slightly (okay pretty much) depressing, and a little victim-y, because I was going to two weddings over the weekend.

Now, I think I need to redact the post. I’m not going to literally do that, as all my posts are a great snapshot of where my mind is at a point in time, but I am going to change up my perspective a bit today. Hence, the “Part 2” in the title.

It is now Sunday night, early Monday in New York. I am back in my cozy bed here in L.A. and have attended both weddings that I wrote about Friday. And the only thing I’m feeling right now is nothing that I had feared. Instead I feel only one thing: love.

Can You Feel the Love?

The anxiety, the trepidation that had hatched inside last week, went away the second I joined Dukes at her place in Brooklyn. And it only got better from there.

The vows, the friends, the yummy (and I mean, YUMMY) Ginger Gin punch stuff, were amazing. The love between Dukes and her man, his family, her family, myself, his guests, her guests, their guests. Well… I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay and absorb it, humidity and all, as long as I possibly could. It was pure love. And happiness and bliss.

Brooklyn NYC ©Life Love and Yoga, 2013
Brooklyn NYC ©Life Love and Yoga, 2013

But, miraculously, I Ubered my bum to JFK, and hopped on a flight home, experienced a mid-flight hangover, and landed an hour early at LAX. I zipped home for some shut eye, before doing it all again.

Today’s wedding was just as beautiful and amazing. This wedding was also outdoors, in nature, among a very loving and supportive community who all know and love the couple as individuals as they do together. The love was dripping from the trees, sliding from corners of happily misted eyes, and engulfing everyone in its ardent and friendly path.

Botanic Garden via

The fear that gripped me last week about feeling sorry for myself, was overcome by love and gratitude.

I was thankful for being in Brooklyn and experiencing it all as a single girl. I was thankful for spending time with people who I cherish in my life here in L.A. I was thankful for being in the presence of such wholly genuine and sincere adoration each couple had for each other.

I came out of both weddings feeling more loved and blessed, because their love and blessings were abundant. I am pretty confident every person came away feeling that way too.

The moral of the story? Maybe love does conquer all. Or maybe I just needed it to conquer my jaded heart as well.  Even though the love that was being celebrated was between the two couples, I couldn’t help but celebrate it too. It was a beautiful weekend, and I’m thankful to have been a part of it.

Nothing like a holographic Elton John in a white suit to remind you about feeling the love. 🙂


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