It’s Back On

Hello world!

It’s been awhile since I last posted, three years and three months (or so).

I took a break and the break kept going… and going… and going… but my mind didn’t. So, I’ve come back to my old friend, “the blog” to restart the spewing of brain matter and ideas. And in this day and age? A LOT has changed.

First of all, blogs, are like, so yesterday. What I really need is a vlog or a podcast. I get this, and perhaps I shall start one of those too, but good ol’ writing is the best form of communication for these neuron synapses. Speaking on a mic or video-ing, just don’t have the same sentence-producing effect that typing has on this noggin!

So… that being said, I want you to have very little expectation. I could start pounding out content like crazy, or not… it will depend on the day. Stay tuned if you want to get some juicy bits of.. I’m not sure what yet. LOL.

BTW, new things since I last blogged in April 2016… LOL is one. I’m now in my 40’s (ooh, new perspectives), I do yoga like once a year now, sadly, I’ll explain why in a future blogpost. I rarely cook anymore, I have a new doggy (old doggy, he’s 10), and I’ve been to a lot more countries. Also, I got rid of the Blackberry. There’s a lot to fill y’all in on. I’ll update my bio. Talk soon.


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