When One Door Closes…

Five more open?

Or so it seems.

ASL for door :) via http://lifeprint.com
ASL for door x5 🙂 via http://lifeprint.com

I’ve written about letting go before... how to do it, when to do it, why you would do it.

But what happens after that? What happens when you truly walk away and let go?

Well, all sorts of things.

I think there is something brave and magical when you can overcome a fear of releasing something- or someone- for good. I know people think that being laid off, especially in this economy, is awful. But I can tell you, anyone I know that was let go, or put on a plan or what have you, left and found other opportunities that ended up being better for them. Not only are they thriving, but they are enjoying it.

Or in a relationship. Letting go of someone who you want to hold onto for emotional reasons, security, longevity, laziness… if you can be strong enough, get over that hump, there are brighter days. It may not seem possible, but if that uneasiness is there and you cling to it as if it were your only option… you’re limiting yourself (and your partner) from having a fulfilled experience in the future.

I let go of someone a little bit ago- I felt as if I had let him go, anyway… but it turns out- I hadn’t. I still responded, I still engaged, I still had him in my life. It wasn’t until I really thought to myself, how does this make my life better- not just for the instant gratification, but for the long term? I knew unless things changed- it wasn’t going to get any better. So I let him go. And I really truly did. While it was sad for me to do, and I felt a little lost and alone, what came from it was quite remarkable.

New doors opened. Literally within weeks.

via http://redcaperevolution.com

I think so many times people think, this is the best it will ever be- whether a job or a significant other. And sometimes it is, if you truly feel it IS the best it will ever be- then, congratulations, you’ve reached it! The pinnacle! And you should be deservedly happy. But if you are telling yourself in a resigned way… sometimes it takes something major to get you to see the potential of something greater. Quitting. Losing your job. Breaking up for good. Walking away.

I see people who continue on with people or jobs that aren’t bringing the best them out into the world. They live in fear, jealousy, emotion… an arrested place, because the trepidation of being alone and not finding a better fit is greater than what they have in the present. I’m guilty of it too. I’ve been there for sure. But I’ve come out on the other side so much clearer, and can see the bigger picture.

For sure there are times where I’m beating myself up for not being married by now. But I truly truly believe I deserve to be married to someone I love, trust, respect and have amazing chemistry with-  and vice versa- so I am willing to close a door to find the door that contains all those elements.

I know when that door truly is closed, amazing things will start happening and I will realize, it was the right way to go. The space that was consumed by stress, worry, and struggle to keep and hold, is replaced by new energy, love and light.

The next time a door closes on you, or you choose to close it, just know, there will be more doors open and waiting for you to walk on through.


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