Minus One for the Singles

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I’ve been sick. Blech. I’ve been in bed for about three days now. No bueno.

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Being sick is never fun for anyone. Being sick as a single person? Well, it just sucks.

I remember there being a Sex and the City episode on this (surprise, surprise, they always think of everything), where the fearless and undeniably independent Samantha Jones falls prey to a cold or flu – like state… and although she loves her life and surrounds herself with dudes, can’t find a single one to take care of her when she is sick. In comes her bff Carrie, concocting Sam’s mom’s old recipe in a blender.

I’m not so different from Samantha. Whether I’m sick or not- I have two dogs that I walk twice daily. I have to feed myself somehow. Take care of things. Still not let all my work slide. And I have to do it all myself. No hubs, no bf, no bff nearby.

And when I’m sick, I still do it alone. Part of it is me not wanting to ask people for help.  Part of it is when I’m sick I let the house get all messy and I don’t want anyone seeing it. Or I don’t want them getting sick. Part of it is because I don’t want people going out of their way for me. It’s just me, after all.

But I think that is what I need to learn to do- is let people help. It is just me. An equally important human.

Yeah, this go round, I still did it on my own. Instead of the blender mixture Samantha requires, I crave certain foods from childhood- namely, everything as processed as possible- Campbell’s Chicken soup, a white Wonderbread and Kraft American cheese grilled cheese sandwich with margarine or butter, and 7up. I know, it’s weird. Especially for an organic non-Gmo freak like me who is undergoing plant-based cooking classes. It’s my Pavlovian response to be being sick with a throat ailment.

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I had strep throat and tonsilitis from ages 5-12 annually if not twice annually. I missed several Halloweens in a row- that’s right- no Trick or Treating in my peak Trick and Treat years. And every time I would have this throat thing- the ol’ formula of 7up, Campbell’s and grilled fake cheese on white bread always made me feel better.

Fast forward to today, and I’m grilling my fake bread sando. And heating up the soup. Now, to be fair, I did have some offers of help- once people found out I was sick, that is. See, I kept it from most people. And those that did offer didn’t live anywhere near me, so I rebuffed it. So yes, I did everything myself- and boy, it sucks.

Anytime you married/taken people want to be thankful for one more thing in your lives- be thankful for the spouses/sig others who take care of you when you are sick. It is a wonderful feeling and experience to know there’s someone else to not only take care of you, but take on the things that you normally would do. Be thankful!! And I need to learn to accept the help that’s given.

Now I have to get better- the dishes are piling up!

via www.shakespearesengland.co.uk
via http://www.shakespearesengland.co.uk

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