Elle Oh Vee E!

This week is Valentine’s week so every post this week is going to focus on the “love” part of Life Love and Yoga.


While I do think it’s funny there is a holiday that exists for love – I think most girls secretly (or not secretly) like it when their guy does something special for Vday. I mean, why wouldn’t we? It was the Litmus test in elementary school if your crush gave you an Optimus Prime Valentine card (instead of Bumblebee) and dropped it into your makeshift construction paper mailbox. We’ve been trained since birth to love Valentine’s Day.

We may not like all the commercialism, or the forced, price-inflated dinners or champagne. But you have to say you do kinda like it when your guy does something… out of the norm. It feels nice.


Even though I’m not in a committed relationship this year, I feel ok about not getting anything for Valentine’s day. This year I’m spending Vday with a gal pal of mine, watching Sense and Sensibility and drinking wine. I haven’t had a man-free Valentine’s Day in years. I’m trying to think the last time it happened. I see it as a blessing I get to have a non-guy VDay experience.

But what is this infatuation with love and romance itself? Why is ABC on the 20th season of The Bachelor  (and we keep watching it) and there are so many movies and books and songs that talk about love? Because. Everyone loves the topic of love! It’s universal! It doesn’t matter your economic, sex, ethnic, age, or cultural background. Love transcends it all. It doesn’t matter who you are to be affected by love.

We recognize something in those love stories and movies… in us. We’ve either experienced it, or have wanted to experience it. We all want it. Or have had it. Or lost it. Whoever you are. You want to love and be loved.

Some feel their life is defined by it- oh, look at me, somebody loves me, so that must mean I’m a somebody too. Some get hurt by it. Some grow because of it. Love makes you do crazy things. Heroic, brave things. Awful things. Amazing things. Dumb things. Generous things. It takes over your soul, your reasoning, your emotion. It can be gentle and nurturing, passionate and reckless. Love is so many things and only one thing all at once.

And that is why we are obsessed. We are all a part of it, have been a part of it, want to be a part of it. We are drawn to it because it is meant for everybody. Because it is meant for us. There isn’t anything quite like it. It’s love!


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