Believing is Achieving

I'm not going to get all The Secret on you today. It's New Year's Eve here in Sydney, Australia- and I need to keep it lighthearted! Plus I'm headed down to the beach here in about twenty minutes. I have a 'bucket list' of sorts. I don't call it a bucket list because bucket lists … Continue reading Believing is Achieving

12 Rockin’ Animals (and their Kick-A$$ T-Shirts)

My blog has a tagline... "Thoughts, inspiration, balance... and randomness." This is gonna be one of those random posts. I can't tell you how many times I've told people about my favorite animals. Part of it is for comedy's sake. I think most adults find it amusing that a thirty-five year old gal would have … Continue reading 12 Rockin’ Animals (and their Kick-A$$ T-Shirts)