Drink Pray Love

Yes, quite similar to Eat, Pray Love. With a twist.  I am going to my third country (vacation) in one year, much like Elizabeth Gilbert. But my trips are just a little different.

Yes, I went to Thailand. And yes, like Ms. Gilbert, I visited two Asian countries within the same year.

I suppose I could call Thailand “Pray” as I was there for a yoga retreat and had an absolutely amazing time; it was full of self-discovery and new friendships. A beautiful, wonderful experience whose memories I hold dear.

Then perhaps I could call Malaysia “Love” because family love was the purpose of my trip. To visit my cousins and favorite Malaysian aunt… and spend time with my newly retired parents. So, a different kind of love than Ms. Gilbert’s experience.

That leaves, “Eat”. Lol. Last I checked, Australia and all of its Vegemiteness was not at the top of the culinary travel rankings. Hence the reason I renamed it “Drink,” because from what I’ve gathered thus far, them Aussies know how to throw a few back.


I am leaving for Australia tonight (Dec 26). I have no expectations except to have fun- which is par for the course with the Aussie. Nine full days with Mr. Charming himself. Should be fairly interesting knowing his personality and interests. Also on deck: hugging a Koala, seeing a couple good friends who also happen to be out there, beach time, winery time, and New Years. Kind of exciting to be in one of the first cities to ring in 2013!


Whenever I leave for a trip… I never quite know what to expect- if anything. Actually, I try not to expect anything, honestly. Going to any new country is just different… and exciting. Out of the ordinary. And I love it. Travel will always be a fixture in my life. I cannot think of a better way to expand your mind, grow your knowledge, expose yourself to so many new external stimuli… all the while changing how you see yourself and understanding yourself better in these new lands.

I may not be able to post for a day or two due to the travel schedule, but I will be sure to post my musings, as I hop along, the final piece of my trilogy, in the summer sun in Oz.


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