Yoga. From a Third Grader.

I love it when people have all the excuses in the world for not wanting to try yoga.

I also love Amy Poehler, so that is what makes this video extra special.

Amy has a web series called Smart Girls at the Party– which is right up my alley. As a former Marching Band member and current bookclubber (all the while simultaneously a sorority girl and South Bay resident), I find myself at the crossroads of being a Smart Girl at the Party! Therefore, this collective has real resonance for me. Smart Girls at the Party is all about changing the world- by being yourself!

I was especially intrigued when Amy interveiwed this third grader on doing yoga.

(Thanks, for introducing me to the video).

So, there you have it. A third grader uses yoga to relax and have life balance. So, why can’t you?

Oh, and I pick butterflies.


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