9 Excuses Men Give for NOT Doing Yoga

I see why you guys are afraid of yoga. You don’t want to look like this:


I swear up and down- I have no idea who this guy is or where he is practicing yoga (other than his pic says Vancouver, B.C. Okay, he’s Canadian).

This is more likely what you’ll see:

The ultimate yoga-surfer, Matthew McConaughey, http://yogabellystudio.com

Going to a vinyasa flow class for a guy these days can be pretty sweet. Most of the gals in class are wearing the latest lululemon clothing… tight fitting yoga pants or shorts, and form-fitting racer back, halter, criss-cross tanks that leave little to the imagination. I think most guys realize partway in they are more concerned with the actual yoga than the girls, but still, the view ain’t bad for a dude near a chick in cat/cow or downward facing dog (btw girls, the guys in the class are courteous, so don’t let that get to you, focus on the yoga).

Christy does Bow. http://www.thechive.com

If you don’t know about hot yoga girls, take a few minutes to get yourself educated. I think this video does a pretty good job of that:

So, here’s the deal. Most yoga classes have about a 1-5 or 1-6 ratio of guys vs. girls. We need to pump that up a bit more. Where’s the man candy for us girls? Yes, there are a few of you who get it. But this post is really for the guys out there who are avoiding yoga for a variety of reasons. I am going to cover all of these ‘excuses’ and debunk them all.

1) Yoga is gay. Firstly, that sentence makes no sense. Yoga is a thing, it does not have a sexual orientation. So in that case, if you are concerned gay males are the only ones who take yoga, I can address that. I suppose there are some gay males that attend yoga. But the last I checked, there was no man-on-man fornication in class. In fact, I would venture to guess the majority of dudes in my yoga classes are fully straight, hetero surfer dudes. And even if they are gay- who cares. They wouldn’t want you anyway.

2) Yoga is boring. I can kind of understand this because that is why I avoided yoga for so many years. But it all depends on the yoga. The type of yoga I enjoy most is Vinyasa flow. You can tell by the name- flow- that you are flowing… i.e. moving your a$$. When you have music pumpin’ and you are doing a million push ups and core work and zip up down, upside down around, it’s anything but boring.

Arm-balance that! http://www.menshealth.co.uk

3) Yoga won’t get me the bulk I want. So, it’s not going to get you bulk. Keep on your roids for that. But you can augment your free weight routine with yoga. It’ll keep you flexible and help you to avoid injury. It also strengthens the deep core through arm balancing, which weights can’t do for you.

4) Yoga’s not a workout. Ha haaaaaa hhaaaaaaaaa. Yeah, you’ve never done yoga. I have yet to meet one guy who hasn’t walked out of my favorite teacher’s classes not soaking wet. NOT ONE GUY.

5) There’s no dudes in yoga. Again, you would know this was false if you actually went.


6) Yoga is for a bunch of hippies. There are yoga hippies. I kind of avoid them like you do. Not because I don’t like them, but because I just like a different kind of yoga.

7) (Roll eyes) Yoga. Grow up!

8) Yoga just sounds… lame/wimpy/girly. That’s just in your head. Tell me you can do this and you still think yoga is wimpy. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

9) I’m not flexible. So you want to know something odd? I am a certified teacher and I can barely touch my toes. It’s true. Guess where I started a year ago- I couldn’t touch my toes at all. You go to yoga to BECOME flexible.

Even an army dude is doing yoga. http://www.examiner.com

Here’s the funny thing about yoga. It was created by DUDES for DUDES. Yes, didja hear me? Dudes. Sun Salutes were developed for hornball 14 year-olds so they could pay attention and simmer down to meditate and learn.

So before you give me your lame excuse again. Just try the damn yoga. It’ll surprise you. You will be sore, mark my words. You will do things you never thought you could do… and you just might <gasp> like it.

Even P90X has a yoga day. C’mon, if Tony Horton is doing it so can you.


4 thoughts on “9 Excuses Men Give for NOT Doing Yoga

  1. I hope your readership in South Africa is low because I quite enjoy the 6 to 1 ratio that my Vinyasa Flow class currently has.

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