I’m A Yoga Chick (sort of)

I spent an afternoon talking with my friends yesterday about yoga and yoga retreats. They seem to think there’s a pattern emerging among unhappy, lost, insecure, thirty-something women in Lululemon pants all gravitating toward yoga and yoga retreats. They truly believed that this description is the epitome of a “Yoga Chick” and, very accurate. I think they thought me among that group. And I can probably say, yes, you could check all those stereotypical boxes off for me, maybe not all at once- and all but one of them were during my time of practicing yoga (Lululemon pants didn’t arrive until I was serious about yoga), but yeah, I guess you could check ’em off at one point or another in my life.

However, I kind of want to debunk those things… just a little bit. I’m going to answer from my point of view… I can’t speak for other yoga chicks out there, but this is how I would break that opinion down.


Yoga Chicks are Unhappy People

The only problem with this statement is that yoga is scientifically proven to enhance mood. Maybe you are thinking they are unhappy coming into yoga. I’m sure there is a very small percentage of people who come into taking yoga because one day they say, “I’m depressed, maybe yoga will help me.” Maybe there’s a few of those. Or a few docs that might prescribe it over medication. But I’m guessing most people got into yoga because of someone else. Someone they knew said, “hey, come with me to a class.”  Or you wanted to try out that Groupon. Then bam! You’re hooked. Especially if you find the right studio/gym/teacher/teaching style.

Yoga Chicks are Lost and Hope to Find Something in Yoga

I started going to yoga because my neighbors were going together and wanted to bring me along. That’s also how I started playing kickball, flipcup and about a million other things. I wasn’t lost searching for something. I just showed up. And the more I was realizing my body could do more than I thought it could ever do- the more I realized my mind was blocking me through fear from doing that arm balance or handstand. And then came the understanding, that my mind was probably doing the same thing in other parts of my life. As I was getting stronger in class, I was getting stronger mentally too. It was an accidental side effect for me. I didn’t realize I was ever lost to begin with until I found my way.

Yoga Chicks are Insecure

I think this is the same as Yoga chicks are lost. But I’ll tell you what. Yoga can help you get over that. The second you can do a headstand in the middle of the room, I guarantee you aren’t feeling so insecure about anything anymore- even if you were to begin with. If you’re already secure, then hopefully you have an open mind and are willing to try anything.  Are there chicks in yoga who have mental issues? I don’t know. I think everyone has their issues, I don’t think it’s reserved just for yoga chicks. Pretty sure the marathon runner’s got her own issues too.

Yoga Chicks are Thirtysomething Women


I happen to be a thirtysomething woman, and yes, there are probably quite a few of us. I will say in class the age ranges from teens through eighty year-olds. All sexes, all body types. But I do want to address this… why are there so many thirty-something women…. well, many are in their child-bearing years, and yoga is an exercise you can participate in during your pregnancy. That’s one. If you already have kids, it’s your one time to work out and relax (in Savasana) away from the kids and hectic household… it’s Zen. There’s tons of chicks with fat diamonds on their ring fingers… so the married thirtysomethings are there too. And along with all of these thirtysomethings,  if you’re single, you meet other cool people and get in a great physical and mental workout to keep you feeling your best. It’s like a gym or any other exercise class. Does that best answer that?

Yoga Chicks Wear Only Lululemon


There’s a ton of stuff out there. Lululemon does fit really well, and the wicking properties are great, that’s why people wear it. If you see someone in gear with a mat, they’ve probably just come from class and are starving and want some grub because they just practiced for an hour and a half. It’s no different from going to the gym and boxing or lifting weights or anything else. When you gotta eat, you gotta eat.

I started yoga eighteen months ago, on a whim with the neighbors. I loved what it did for my body- it toned me in ways that barre method could only do for my butt, where kickboxing and a million push ups made no difference. My core, is so much stronger. I learned to focus on the present and not let my mind wander like it does while running or spinning or anything else. But bottom line- it’s fun, it makes a difference in my physical and mental well-being, and getting photographed in a bikini doesn’t bother me at all (yes, it did, before yoga).

Are there people out there that fit all those characteristics? Probably. But there’s probably a lot out there that don’t.

My only response to him was- come to a class… then I’d be curious to know what you think. Then I forwarded him my previous post, 9 Excuses Men Give for Not Doing Yoga. Let’s see your confidence level in class! I dare you… 😉


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