Werk It, Girl

I can’t tell you how many of my guy friends posted this video up on Facebook of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke and her warm-up dance before her amazing hurdle run:

What I find fascinating about this is that the guys are totally into it. Here is a sweet, darling girl who is just happy as a clam, doin a little dance swinging her hips and elbows bent to the sides. She’s not spilling her boobs every which way. She’s not crawling over something seductively or wearing lingerie or any makeup. AND GUYS ARE GOING NUTS OVER IT.

I love this because she is cute and feminine and athletic all at once. I approve because it’s not just some chick laying across the hood of a car. This Australian gal actually also kicks a$$ in hurdles! And she isn’t glammed out or made up- she’s completely natural and doin her thang.

Heidi Montag, http://www.huffingtonpost.com

I bring this up because I see way too many girls alter themselves for attention. Why? Look at this chick in the video! She is being herself. You can tell she is happy being herself and you want to be a part of that warm up. This is the kind of male attention that I think is actually fine!

Crystal Renn http://www.carolinegarrod.wordpress.com

Speaking of those of you not happy with your looks… How many times have you seen a girl prance around in a tiny bikini and …. look good! Like really good. And I don’t mean a perfect body girl. I mean a heavier girl, a curvy girl, any size girl.  You wouldn’t normally picture someone like that feeling comfortable in that scenario, but they don’t seem to care at all. In fact, they seem to be enjoying themselves quite a bit. You know those girls- it doesn’t matter if they’re beanpole skinny or curvalicious- they could have a great butt or no butt or Sir-Mix-A-Lot proportion butt. Say what? This chick who probably hasn’t worked out a day can be… sexy strutting around in that little piece of fabric?

Well, do you want to know the secret to looking amazing in a bikini?

It’s one thing: Confidence.

The reason they get away with flaunting has nothing to do with the perfection of their bodies- it has everything to do with their confidence. The reason you are potentially uncomfortable watching and/or amazed watching is because you don’t have any.

I am actually fairly slim for my height, but that doesn’t make me immune to cellulite. My body shape is a little more bottom heavy- read: this girl’s got some thighs. It’s funny, I see pictures of myself in bikinis in the past and I look- uncomfortable. Awkward. It’s my body language, the twinkle in my eye is missing. And it was because I was probably thinking at the time, “oh, no, there is going to be a picture of me and my thighs for all eternity?”

Comfy in my bikini. Not so comfy in that floatation device. Palm Springs 2011

A couple of years ago, I decided that this is my body- my wonderful, able and amazing body that plenty of people (including myself) have found appealing. I also started taking yoga classes last year, and I got stronger- particularly in my core (core is the area of self-esteem and self-worth). And something interesting happened… my photos after this time were full of happiness and joy and confidence. I suppose I was a little more toned,  but ultimately, this confidence came from within.

werk it. http://www.lovebrownsugar.com

Think about this when you’re in your suit this summer…  just start to believe you are rockin it… and a funny thing happens… you actually are!!!


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