The Color Green

The luck o'the Irish will be upon us this weekend... and while I am sure you all would love it if I wrote about my debaucheries of skipping work and going to Tier Na Nog or Fado in Seattle at 9am, that whole drink-til-you-pass-out-thing doesn't quite jibe with this blog. So then I thought, well, … Continue reading The Color Green


Confident Single Girl- A Rebuttal

My friend, Michy, posted a link to an article on Glo/MSN called, Are Your Pals Sabotaging You? Beware of Misleading Dating Advice by Christan Marashio. Michy and a FB friend commented something along the lines of the article being spot on. Now, I truly do love Michy, I am not wanting to throw her under … Continue reading Confident Single Girl- A Rebuttal