Words of Wisdom

Well, I am back from Jacksonville, FL.

Jacksonville Bridge, 2012

I would love to be able to do a nice little write up on my exotic travels to Jacksonville, but unfortunately, I never left the hotel. This picture was taken from my room at the Hyatt. A couple of things about Jacksonville:

1) I kept forgetting I was in Florida.

2) I remembered I was in Florida when Tropical Storm Debby starting hurling herself toward us (slut!) and we dodged her just in time.

3) Wait, they have an NFL team here and L.A. doesn’t?

Despite my best efforts of consuming bran muffins, plums, coffee, water and wine daily, the Sysco food is still wreaking havoc on my system. Couple that with the fact I have not been able to practice yoga since before my Napa trip (i.e. TEN days ago). I am on a full yoga/organic food schedule this week!!!

I kicked it off with some grilled veggies (it was a perfect 77 here at the beach today). Have you ever had Grilled Romaine? It’s very easy and very delicious.

Courtesy http://www.grillinfools.com

Here is an easy-to-follow recipe from www.grillinfools.com. All you need is a little salt, pepper, olive oil, and grated parmesean.

Ok, I am getting way off topic. The point of this post is that while I was in Jacksonville at my sorority conference, there were several women who received acheivement awards. There were two women in particular that mentioned a couple of items that really stuck with me.

Doris Buffett

Doris Buffett. Courtesy http://www.sunshinelady.org

Known as “The Sunshine Lady” for her foundation www.sunshinelady.org, Doris Buffett is probably not nearly as well known as her younger brother, Warren. She received an award for her work through her foundation, and for her book, Giving it All Away: The Doris Buffett Story.

Listening to her speak, one could tell she was quick, sharp and incredibly intelligent. There were two things she had said that caused me to reach for my pen and write them down:

“In order to succeed, you need the right people in the right place.”- Doris Buffett

Wow, how true is that- in anything. Work, volunteering, life, love and yoga! If the right people are in the right place, things start happening. Magically, completely, almost effortlessly. Really something to consider… do I have the right person for this job? Am I in the right relationship with the right person?

“Look at everything as an investment, not a giveaway.” – Doris Buffet

She mentioned that she helps homeless, prisoners, etc. She doesn’t want to be mistaken for just giving someone something. She wants to know that it is an investment. That the individual will create a return on her investment to society, to themselves, or their families and communities. Looking at it that way really helps in distinguishing if you are truly helping a person, cause, etc. or just applying a band-aid. Quite the wise woman.


The other note I took down, came from an award recipient who is a Stanford-researcher and author on feminism. She too has written a book, Globalizing Feminism, 1789-1945. While the book is listed under ‘Lesbian History’ in Amazon, it is more a history of women activism through mid-century. Although it is probably not one that I would pick up myself, the author, Karen Offen, did mention something that resonated with me.

“Traveling to other countries not only opens your eyes to the world, but also makes you look at your own country entirely differently.”

I have found this statement to be quite true and have always thought the world’s problems would be reduced if only every child could have the opportunity to study abroad or live/visit another country at least once in their lives. So true I find this statement, that after my most recent international trip, I begin to look at myself and this culture through a different lens- seeing the flaws and appreciating the strengths. Take note the next time you travel… you may see it all a little bit differently when you return.


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