Sweet Beet and the Most Gorgeous Food Video You’ve Ever Seen

Courtesy http://www.sunset.com

Sweet Beet was the nickname I gave to one of my ex-boyfriends. Thank goodness sweet beets aren’t just a dude.

As you know, I receive a basket of goodies from Farm Fresh to You every other week. Well, a couple of weeks ago, delivered to my doorstep: a box of beets. Not a beat box, okay, well, yes, a beet box. I thought they were radishes, so lil me chopped em up for a salad and realized- damn, these be beets.

What do you do when you have beets? Pickle them!

So that is what I did. Red wine Vinegar and boiling water and let those puppies cook, cool down, skins peeled. Gave them a nice little vinager and sugar bath in the fridge and voila- pickled beets.

Pickling Beets, 2012

Beets, beets, the magical fruit, the more you eat…. the more anti-oxidents you get (okay, that did not rhyme)!

Not only are beets bee-utiful, they are good for you- they are called “nature’s multivitamin” because they boast an incredible range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can ward off all kinds of sickness and disease, from the common cold to cancer.

Speaking of beauty and the beets… check out this gorgeous video on beet cake from tiger in a jar:


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