My So-Called Diet

Just the fact that I mention I have a ‘diet’ probably sounds ridiculous to most of you who know me in person. In fact, I went to the doc the other day and when they weighed me- somehow (with shoes … Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in …. the Grocery Store

One would think, as a highly discriminating foodie, grocery shopping would be among my weekly, if not daily, highlights. One would think. But alas, I am a lazy foodie. One of those snobbish persnickety critics who can easily dispense remarks, … Continue reading

Oh, Aubergine….

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Since I last posted a recipe… pervs! Sheesh. Ah, I know. My brain has been in deep thought mode as of late, and honestly, there hasn’t been much time to cook! I did … Continue reading

10 Disney Song Truths

I think we all grew up thinking that Disney movie messages were just bull-shiz. Like, really, princesses? Like you have a clue about the real world? Oh yeah, little cricket, seriously? Wish upon a star… yeah right. Little did I … Continue reading