Diversify Your Post-folio

yes, it’s possible

When I was a kid, I used to have to walk seven miles, uphill, in the snow to school. Both ways! Naw, I didn’t. But what I did do was write and send letters. I also called people on my see-through land line phone. If anyone made a big – and I mean *big* announcement- you would take out an ad in the local paper, buy a spot in the yearbook, or send out a newsletter or a notice. That is what you would do.

Ah, the times have changed, haven’t they? Nowadays we have social media. That blessed information announcer. I’m not trying to throw stones from my glass house, oh no. I announce stuff all the time. For sure. But I think there is something that people forget all the time.

Um, their own posts.

Whatever do you mean?

I think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as today’s newspaper, letter, phone call. Do we still use those things? Yes. But social media makes it faster and oh so much easier. The problem is that unlike a newspaper ad, a letter and a phone call (which all take time, money and resources), social media requires none of those after your initial investment of a device and wi-fi. Which means you just throw it out there, and you forget what you already did. And you don’t always thoughtfully craft it. And there is no waiting period. And EVERYONE sees it.

Which for the most part is fine… until it becomes overkill.

I think the best example of this is PDA. Public Displays of Affection. I think it is perfectly acceptable to say thanks to “your man” for making you dinner, or buying you flowers, or rubbing your aching soles. But when your last ten posts reflect this… I start wondering. Is she overcompensating for something? Why does she keep posting about how ‘amazing’ her ________ is?

my boyfriend is the bestest!! x10 posts.

This doesn’t necessarily always apply to your husband/boyfriend. This can be your trip, your kids, your meal at dinner. It can be your alcohol consumption and partying. Anything where you have more than ten posts in a row about how great/amazing/ whatever it/who is… as a third party observer, I want to puke a little.

I’m not trying to be mean here. Everyone has beautiful spouses, children, dogs, trips. I just think you should post about all of them. Posting ten in a row about ONE of them is nauseating. #hubby!!! #drinks!! I got it, I got it. Throw in an article about married life or maybe talk about your workout, or meeting up with Mom and Dad. Talk about work or the weather. Throw in ANYTHING else. Just so I know you are an actual human and not a CAPTCHA fake.

c’mon mix it up!!! via etsy.com

Or, maybe, consider actually writing your hubs/kids a note.  Yes, I am suggesting you bust out a pen and paper for this one.. it sometimes can be more meaningful to actually tell them or give them something privately  describing how amazing they are. A thank you note, maybe. See, you don’t need to tell us. Each. And. Every. Time.

So, there are always exceptions to any rule. People who are exempt from this are those whose posts involved their livelihoods- i.e. if you are a yoga teacher, of course, almost all your posts will be about your upcoming classes. It would be weird if you didn’t have ten posts in a row on this (however, most yoga instructors do post other things besides just yoga).

Or an author, a business owner, a non-profit, an actor, a blogger (ahem)- you get it. Or, you just had a kid… this makes sense, a new being has entered your life. Your wedding pics… another example. Any of those once-in-a-lifetime things that happens…. you are allowed more than one post on that, for sure. A trip somewhere, I understand. You’re on a trip.

Ok, so what happens when you only post the same thing over and over? I hide you. Yes I do. Just like so many other wonderful life-delicacies… I like everything in moderation, dear friends.

My point here? Go back to your feed. Check out your last ten posts. If all ten are referring to the same person/thing/place/complaint and you tell me ‘it’s amazing’ or ‘ i love____’, every time… then, it’s overkill. And please, diversify your life. Or if your life is diversified, post about those things too.

Your Instagram, FB and Twitter are today’s letter to a pen pal (well maybe like 600 of pen pals), an ad in your community paper, or that quarter page in your yearbook. Make it count. Know what you are putting out there. What you may be proclaiming or dragging out into the light. Don’t make people puke (unless that is the intent lol).

Now, that being said, you can also inspire, and inform and share on these tools, and ultimately, everyone loves that. I love keeping up with friends and family and being introduced to new and unusual things and articles. Now go post something good, and I hope it’s different from your last post.  Just try it… you might like it!


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