KISS in Italy

Well, I have returned.

Piazza del Campo, Siena, pic via

Firstly, I apologize that it is has been almost two weeks since I last posted. While in Italy, I did not have reliable wi-fi for the majority of the trip, and on the occasion I did, I was too full of food or wine or sleep, that blogging was just not going to happen.

I am back now, although must admit, quite jet lagged, so for today, I will keep this shorter than usual.

In the next few posts, I’ll provide my quick recap, as I do for all my trips. Highlight the places I saw, experiences. While I was in Italy, I also took the Chakra Module for my teacher training, so for the ‘yoga’ posts in the coming weeks, I will be highlighting the chakras, and some of my own lessons I’ve learned. And on that topic, I will be discussing love and how this trip has altered and affected my view and experience with love.

Trevi Fountain, Rome, via

I had the opportunity to visit Rome, Siena, and Florence, and many of the surrounding cities … soaking in the culture, food, art and history. I think the biggest theme I took away from Italy:

Keep it simple.

From the food, to the communication style, from maps to names… keeping it simple is what Italy is all about. It was interesting to see my American counterparts struggle with digesting all natural (really, all natural), three ingredient dishes, and then be taken aback by the bluntness of the Italian people. Italians seriously keep it simple and to the point.

simple food and local non-GMO, via

And, although there were so many small alley ways and streets, many were named after the large building nearby, it was commonsense how many of the piazzas were named.  The whole vibe was simplicity… it the way of life, in the food, in the language. I’m back and already having difficulty avoiding multi-processed food and media bombardment. I’m looking at my house with new eyes and really wanting to pare down on my belongings. Keeping it simple.

Sometimes we need a little immersion to remind us that life exists where Keeping It Simple (minus the stupid part) is an everyday occurrence.

More to come – when I’m not so lagged! Buenanotte!


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