Alas, it is the latest installment of Life Love and Yoga Girl Jumps On A Plane And Goes Around the World.


Same deal… I pack up all my stuff, I travel to whatever location solo. I meet people when I arrive.

First thing’s first… I have to brag. I managed to squeeze in 12 days worth of outfits, four pairs of shoes, a fedora, a jackets, a laptop, a sweater, a sweatshirt, jeans, yoga clothes for a week-long retreat, kindle, DLSR camera and all the normal goodies one would need into a backpack and a 22″ hardtop suitcase. Yes, you heard me. 22in (as in, it could fit under the seat if it had to) and hardtop. There’s no breathing room in a hardtop. I am wearing jacket #2, jeans #2, shoe pair #5, and sweater #2.


I’m here to officially tell you- the ‘roll’ method is the best way to get in as much stuff as possible. Seriously. You roll everything- yes even the sweater and jacket and jeans. I can’t believe it. I am still in awe of myself, lol. You have to understand, I took a 26″ bag to Thailand! Thailand!!! Where it is a warm day every day.

So why not check a bag and call it a day? Because I’m a paranoid freak.

Here is my travel path…. LAX —> London —> Rome — > Rome Terminal —-> Florence

There is approximately 2 hours between every leg assuming the FAA doesn’t get behind on flights. Which puts me at … 24 hours of travel. And I was not interested in lugging around a 30″ bag for 24 hours.

I have to say, just thinking of it kind of wears me out. This girl is a little exhausted. Back to back trips has been my specialty as of late, and after this trip, a long-awaited rest is due.


So… I am going to Florence, Siena and Rome. I’ve been to Italy before… it was in 1998. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years! Fifteen years. Wowser. Last trip didn’t include Tuscany or Rome.

As you all know, my posts are a bit spotty – as it depends on the wifi and time that’s available… but I will squeeze in what I can while I am there!



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