Ten Years in L.A.

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I’ll bet that there was a time when you thought, ‘my life is gonna be so different in ten years.’

Well, I thought that ten years ago. While there have been some fundamental changes in my being, experience, and overall outlook on life… in general, I still am where I was ten years ago. Despite that-  things have indeed changed.

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Ten years ago...

I was living in Seattle and dating the brain surgeon. He told me he wanted to move to London- alone- without me. After almost four years of dating and two dogs later.

I called my friend Angie, and the second she picked up the phone… she knew. Before I could say a word, she said to me, “You’re moving here, aren’t you?” This is the type of clairvoyance I’ve become accustomed to over the course of our seventeen year friendship. She instinctively knew I was going to move my life from a condo in Seattle to Los Angeles. And I did.

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Ten Years ago…

I was a 25-year-old, driving a uhaul with my pops and two dogs, moving into a house with Angie. She dropped everything to move in with me and be my one friend in LA. I would go to the bar where she worked, Belly, and sit alone chatting with her between her table service, getting to know the bartender.

I was single. Working. Had two dogs.

Not much has changed in that regard. I am still single, working and with my same two dogs. What I didn’t mention is that I would have six more boyfriends, countless dates, three job changes and move four times. I grew up in ten years. I learned to appreciate things. I learned how to communicate respectfully and intelligently. I learned how to make clothing, blog and visit nine countries. My friend pool grew from one, to two, to one hundred and two. The majority of my friends now reside in LA versus Seattle. I have lived more of my adult life outside of Seattle than in it. So things have changed.

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via jasoninhollywood.blogspot.com

I wouldn’t have been able to fully realize my personality and who I am had it not been for Los Angeles. I know some would say that would have happened anyway, regardless of where I was living. I don’t think so at all… the environment here allows me to be myself, and the people here embrace it and push me further. Seattle just wasn’t a place for me to blossom. L.A. was and continues to be.

It was this week, ten years ago, I called Angie and decided to move to LA.  I am thankful that she took my call that day. It was her encouraging voice, her promise to come help me find my place in LA that changed my life forever… and for the better. Thank you, Angie. I will always be grateful that you first went through with our post-college ‘plans’, and got me to follow along.  I can proudly say that not only are you still my friend today, but we’re both still happily living in L.A…. ten years after that call. I love you. xo


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