Anne Hathaway Bugs


My friend, the Professor, loves Anne Hathaway.

Every time she comes up in conversation. I groan.

Little did I know, there is a whole legion of Anne Hathaway haters out there. Yes, they are called “Hathahaters”. They have a twitter feed, a Facebook site, and absolutely do not like Anne.

The Professor sent me an article in the NY Times, Do We Really Hate Anne Hathaway? It described who Anne is, how she functions… and why people seem to hate her so much. The article did strike a chord. It talks about the annoyances of Anne and how they rub people the wrong way. And I related to it. I had no idea others felt the same way.


I’m not here to bash on Anne. That would be incongruent with the energy and essence of this blog. I am not a hater or a mean girl, I am about life, love and yoga. All things that are positive and thoughtful and kind. So instead, I turn this ‘annoyance’ back on me.

Why Does Anne Hathaway bug me so much?


Usually when we find fault in others, when we feel our skin bristle or the build up of annoyance within… it is reflective of ourselves. Our own inadequacies. our own annoyances about ourselves.

So what is it about Anne that bugs… and how does it actually become my problem?

I think the most blaring to me … is she tries too hard, and it’s all for show.

And how, exactly, is this my problem?

Well, I was once Anne. Even though I think I grew out of this self-dialogue, it still hits a nerve because I lived that life for so long.

As far back as I can remember, from preschool or kindergarten through high school- I just wanted to be cool. Be perfect. Be the package. Be everything to everyone. If I were criticized for something, I would seize up. Cry. Be upset. Because my equilibrium of perfection would be knocked off its pedestal.


As a result, I became everything everyone wanted me to be- as perfection- in their eyes. I was the perfect daughter to my parents. I was the perfect girlfriend to my boyfriends… doing amazing things and making them dinner every night, doing their laundry, being as pleasant as possible. I tried to emulate the coolest girls in school. If I have a similar haircut, bag, clothing, etc… then they will recognize me as one of their own, right?

Think about it though. Most of genuinely cool girls (or guys) were just that- genuine. They didn’t need to try hard. They didn’t need to put on a show. They just were. Just were themselves. I started to discover this my senior year in high school. I started just being my quirky self, and people took notice. Appreciated it and found it different from the usual.

As a result of being yourself… people respect and love you more, because they now know who and what they are respecting and loving.


It took me a little while before I was one-hundred percent on board with this concept. But now every Sesame Street and Disney movie is right… you just need to be yourself. Just be yourself. And I think that is why Anne bugs. I don’t know who Anne is other than when she’s trying too hard in a role- going over the top. Always saying the most perfectly planned answers. The smile… seems empty. We know there is substance there, we just want to see it. Where is it? Maybe like me, she hasn’t figured it out yet. Maybe she’s in that journey now. Maybe she just has a bad PR manager. I think if she can be real with herself, it will go a long way with others. Trust me, I’ve been there.

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