A Man’s World

Last night I had the rare opportunity to tag along on a business dinner. It wasn’t for my business… I was just a bystander.

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Don’t get me wrong- I’ve entertained networking partners and clients, colleagues alike. But I’m usually the one in this mix. It’s my career, part of my job. Last night? I had the opportunity to just be a fly on the wall.

There were nine of them. Dudes. Business guys. All high-powered, all masters of their own destinies. A lot of collective power- I just happened to know one of them… and when I met up with him for a bite to eat, we were soon joined by a few others, then a few others. I soon found myself plopped right in the center of a man meeting.

Since I had nothing to contribute, I didn’t- I just observed. And what I saw and heard was a fascinating sociology experiment in the works.

As each joined the group, these dudes went right to it. Got down to brass tacks. No fluffy, ‘how are the kids?’ No talk about golf. No – it was straight to the shop talk. Deals happening here. In Asia. Expanding, joining forces, partnering.

It was like everyone’s time was so valuable, the precious minutes had to be straight to the point.

And I found it refreshing- this man biz chat. I’m typically to the point, but like to soften up a business conversation so I don’t seem abrasive- and maybe that’s a good strategy for a woman.

I definitely took from the experience another option- in the right environment- to just launch business talk. Straight shoot. No fuss- get to the point of the deal; an unapologetic, “here’s the opportunity.”

And why is it this way? I know it’s probably always been like this- I just never had the opportunity to be in that situation. Most of these guys were owners of businesses- environments that require quick resolution and split second decision-making type personalities.

Time is precious and time is money- the key, making yourself as valuable as you can in that time. That seemed to be the underlying purpose for the intensity. Combine that with people who pour their souls into their business- they live eat and breathe their companies daily.

My host tried to incorporate me into conversations, bless his heart, but I reassured him the topics and the structure of the conversations were fascinating. And applicable. I was in a real-life classroom.  I got a sneak peek into a powerful man’s world.

Let’s Do this. Lol.

In my sales world, I definitely come across these personalities, and want to try to incorporate a more no-frills direct approach with some of these people. It’s not always going to be the case, and I enjoy injecting a bit of my personality, but I truly enjoyed the perspective and opportunity to learn more in this business world.

Time to jump in with the big boys. Amazing what you can learn when you just watch, learn, and keep your mouth shut!


2 thoughts on “A Man’s World

  1. Thank god you and I didn’t do no frills when we met at KCC, I think our work relationship was 20% FedEx and 80% love advice and astrology. It was so fun!

    1. Ha haaaaaaa…. yes, this approach would NOT work for a business discussion between us. Lol. But you are pretty straightforward, missy, and i LOVE it. Text me best days for me to see you! I miss you loads and have a LOT to catch you up on 🙂

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