Finding “The One”

The right house, that is.

So, yeah, I’m trying to buy a place. The last time I bought a place was in 2001, which I subsequently sold in 2004, and jumped onto the rental bandwagon.

Everything was going along fine in my rental house, then – something in me changed. I wanted to buy a place.

Several things prompted my decision in wanting to buy a house/townhouse/condo:

– The market is decent right now
– The interest rates are pretty good
– I’m tired of the disgusting carpet in my rental house and if I owned my place I could just do whatever I wanted
– I need a change
– I am able

In the meantime, the property managers are changing out the carpet, thank goodness, but I don’t get to pick the color or anything. I also don’t pay for it, which is nice. But I just need a change- I’ve been here for five years, and I am ready to commit again… to commit to something that is my own.

I put an offer on one place that didn’t work out. And I’m off to look at more places this weekend. While it’s fun looking at all the places and imagining myself living in them… I can’t help but see the parallels in my dating life; I’m searching in both right now.

If I find a place I really like, and I end up not getting it, I am ok with that- because I believe in the bigger picture. I believe there are few things in life that will come find you. You have to be aware, on the lookout and ready to grab it… but I think pets, husbands, and houses… the right ones, anyway… they seem to find you. And it all works out. It just does.

So here I am, looking for the house. Am I ‘looking’ for the hubs too?  I guess you could say that… I’m not searching out a bunch of dudes on match or anything, but I am becoming more aware and will jump on a good opportunity when I see it. And if it doesn’t work out? It’s ok because the right one will find me at some point.

Like my rental house, I have some temporary dating situations happening… where I know -and they know- they most likely aren’t my permanent person. And they know when I happen upon that person… I will be moving on.

I don’t find either process frustrating… I think dating/looking for houses helps me fine tune what I really want and where I will be most happy eventually… and for the long term. I used to ask God/the Universe why I have had so many boyfriends that didn’t work out, and still I am here, single… and I realized that I needed those eight guys to break me down. I came out of the womb a tough, inflexible piece of leather and I needed to be softened… so that eventually I could see and understand what the right fit for me should be.

The houses/condos/townhouses are the same… “the one” may show up tomorrow… or it may show up in a year from now… I don’t know, but I do know I want to find the best one for me, the one that was meant just for me, the right one; and I believe he’ll/it’ll find me.


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