They’re Just Words


Positive? Negative? Depends. Does one word matter? It could…

Words matter. What you say, when you say it, how you say it. Why you say it. Who you say it to. Which words you choose. It all matters. They can be informative, instructional, funny, sad, upsetting, brash…. the end result of a word or words can create a myriad of responses… grief, anxiousness, excitement, love, tenderness, fear, hope, regret, guilt, motivation. Words are powerful things. They have weight.

Today we receive words in so many ways… written word, electronic means, wireless ways. TV, online, texting, hearing, signing, Skype- all communication methods for the transmission of- yes, words. Those famous beasts. They can haunt you, they can inspire you.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 10.53.20 PM

I’m writing about words because when I receive a very meaningful set of words, I think about them. I gently knead and flip them around in my head- not dissecting them, just enjoying them. Reveling in their composition. I feel that way when I read an amazing piece of writing, see a quote that blows my mind, or hear something special and wonderful.

I know I’m being dramatic with all this linguistic architecture right now… but someone presented words to me tonight that were stirring me in a way they only knew (or subconsciously knew) would. It’s this connection words can create. It’s one set of neurons sending forth a message, via words, to another set of neurons in a completely different body. It’s actually amazing… and it’s the way to my heart (I’m such a Gemini!).

Words aren’t simply words. They are emotion creators, gear shifters, life changers. So think about what you say.

I just want to thank you (you know who you are) for your true and kind words tonight, you’ve kinda changed my world. Yeah, so I may be PMSing a bit, but I know good words when I hear them. xo


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