The Sun Also Rises

in other places besides L.A.

Isn’t it funny that when you go somewhere- besides out your front door, your usual commute, your neighborhood- you are more likely to notice the “normal” things in life. Just because you are in a different setting. Like the sunrise.

Photograph Narita Rice by Kurt White on 500px

Ok, so I didn’t see the sun rise landing in Narita, Japan this afternoon (now evening in LA). I saw the sun set, and that golden orb, believe it or not, looks the same as it did in L.A. And the sun sets early in November, just like it does at home. But the stuff around it- the gorgeous fields, paddies and plots of land, buttressed by what I can only call spongy-trees, clusters everywhere, dotting the agricultural landscape- that is different. The homes, the people in those homes, the culture… is not the same.

sight and taste – reengaged.

I love that you pay attention the ‘normal’ things when you travel. The five senses are re-engaged- they awaken from that dormant slumber they’ve been accustomed to for so long. Things taste different, smell different, feel different. The senses that you take for granted have a new life in a new place. You may still be you and the sun may still be the sun, but it’s in a different setting, and isn’t that a wonderful thing? Next stop- Singapore. Next post? Malaysia.


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