Gasm Chasm

There is a high probability that someone related to me/ultra religious will find this post offensive and just be aghast that I should ever think of writing something like this on my blog.

But this is life, love and yoga. And I think today’s post pretty much covers some of those unspoken parts of life and love.

I meet women all the time. I have a ton of women friends. I am truly truly blessed. And I am a very open communicator with said friends. I’ve met gals all over the globe, in every class I’ve ever taken, through college, you name it… and I am realizing that SO many of them have the same thing in common. Something that separates our female population.

There is a gap among lady folk.

They never/will fake an/may not even know how to/rarely orgasm.

And I am shocked that they don’t know.

This topic has come up a lot lately among my ladies. And I like to think this blog helps people. I can’t think of a better way to help humanity than to post about this.

I mean, think about it. If I teach the secret of an orgasm to all those women, how many of these women AND their husbands/sig others, etc. will benefit from this knowledge?

I understand this may be an uncomfortable topic for people because I am a single woman and not married- and I actually have say on the topic. Listen, I’m thirty-five. I don’t care anymore. It’s not like I’m twenty-three and worried about what everyone thinks of me. I’m not some rampant sexual deviant. I just know females. I know from talking to them about their experiences and my own experiences.

I don’t want this to be some post that you pervs out there get off on. I’m trying to make this educational. So listen up you huge population of women who don’t get it, can’t get it or won’t get it… I am going to tell you the secret to getting an orgasm.

Ready for it?

Ninety-five percent of your satisfaction comes from….


You got that? Your brain. Very minimally anything below the belt. Primarily, it is YOUR BRAIN that really controls everything that does/n’t happen to you. (Oh, and on a side note, you should know about that below the belt stuff. If you don’t know anything about the female anatomy, well, then, how’s anyone else supposed to know?)

So you want to experience this for yourself? Here’s how you can use your mind:

If your hubs/man wants to get all romantical with you- this is what you are allowed to think about:

– How much I love/care about him
– How great he is
– How great that feels (and if it doesn’t- just tell him, he’ll want to fix it- and you should help him, he will be psyched about that)


You are not allowed to think about:

– Am I going to get enough sleep?
– Ah, I have to get up early
– Did I do _____ for the kids?
– Did I move the laundry out of the washer?
– I don’t think I’m the freshest right now
– Really? Right now? I’m drained.
– He’s never gonna get it anyway….

Ah, the inner workings of a female ‘distracted’ brain.

And you’re right, so long as your head isn’t in the game, he’s never gonna get it and neither are you.

So next time, stop thinking about everything else, and only think of those three things. Got it?

3 thoughts on “Gasm Chasm

  1. Bravo! Now, will your next blog be on where to find this said man so we can practice your technique? I kid, I kid! As usual, I love your posts!

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