What to Do When You Drop Your Blackberry in the Toilet

Most people would say, “Just leave it in there and get an iPhone,” or, “RIM is dead anyway, flush it.”

Yeah, yeah. I get it. For the twelve of you out there that still own a Blackberry, there is hope for you if your BB falls into a body of water. (For the record, both times I dropped my phone in the toilet, it was toilet water ONLY!)

That being said, here are the steps to recovering your Blackberry.

Courtesy of Life is Crap

1. Immediately pull the thing out of the bucket, toilet, swimming pool, what have you. You have to be very quick, like a ninja.

2. Rip off the back panel and take the battery out. Do not try to turn it on. REPEAT: DO NOT TRY AND TURN IT ON.

3. Dry what you can with a towel. Don’t try to rinse it. It’s already had enough water time. Dry off the battery, and any covering, set them all aside.

4. Take the main blackberry body and stick it in a ziplock bag.

5. Fill the bag with rice. I have tried regular rice, but find Uncle Ben’s instant rice worked better. As much as it kills you, wait two days. Do not test it, do not attempt to put the battery in- wait two days.

Phone in a bag of Uncle Ben's. Not my best photography work!

6. On day two, pop in the battery and turn it on. Voila!! Good as gold.

Ways to prevent this from happening again?

1. Don’t bring your phone near a toilet. Also don’t text on a toilet, pass out on a toilet, or walk past a toilet with a phone in hand.

2. Don’t flip a light switch on with phone in hand when the light switch is situated directly over the toilet bowl.

3. Don’t drink margaritas while operating a cell phone.


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