The He❤rt of the Matter

At least, for me, it is. The Heart is something that is I am personally working on. After my Chakra training in Italy, I realized that my biggest block in my own life... is in my heart Chakra. In the course, I identified that while there was still some residual work to be done in … Continue reading The He❤rt of the Matter


No selfie pics here - just the selfie Chakra! Time to get in your own head- or I should say, gut. We're on the third Chakra- Solar Plexus. Quick Recap: Each post, I am posting about the individual Chakras. Each Chakra has a color, location, sense, element, Sanskrit translation, bodily systems, health issues due to … Continue reading Selfie


Earlier in the week I posted a somewhat depressing (although wholly truthful) account of my thirty-sixth birthday and everything I am going through right now. But for now, I feel like I have to write a quick pick-me-up. Another birthday story. A goodie. On my birthday (last week), it also happened to be #tbt a.k.a. … Continue reading Thirty