Have Vision, Will Dream (and Accomplish)

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I have posted in the past about vision boards. I know there is a subset out there that absolutely thinks it’s hooey. Just nonsense, you say! And for those of you who think that way… I’ll tell you some logical stuff about vision boards. I also want to encourage you to have a little fun in life. After all, we only get one life- we should make the most out of it.

For those of you who are curious, or have already participated in vision board-making, I am writing about it again today- because one of my vision board items came true last week. When I put together my board four years ago, I put a lot of pie-in-the-sky stuff on there. Flying on private jets, achieving ridiculous sales goals, visiting certain countries, meeting my soul mate, getting toned arms and butt, writing a book. Those are just a few of the approximately 30 or so items I put on to my board.

As of today, 50% has come true.

Yes, 15 out of 30 items have come to fruition. And Friday, I got another one- FOUR YEARS after creating this board.

WHY DO A VISION BOARD- for the Logical-Minded of You

Well, first I have to ask, why not? I mean, it’s not bad for the environment, it’s not causing cancer or harm to others. I would say if you aren’t into the vision board mumbo-jumbo, I would take a look at yourself. Are you embarrassed or afraid to put your true wishes out there? Maybe you aren’t a visual person- do you have a list or an excel sheet of your goals in life? That’s really all a vision board is- a visual representation of your life’s goals.

A vision board gives you something to achieve, strive for. When I was five or six years old, my Dad took me to the University of Washington campus. I was able to see college students milling about the gorgeous grounds, walking to school, socializing. He took me several times after that. I wasn’t sure going into high school that I would be going to UW (I did, eventually), but I could SEE myself in college. I could feel the energy around, and familiarize myself with what it would be like to be there.

Athletes visualize the race the match before it actually happens. So do musicians, actors, politicians. They see the end before they get there. That is how I think of a vision board: a clear understanding of your end result.


Anyone can make a vision board. Ingredients for vision board making:

A board or some type- can be a bulletin board, mat, etc.

Glue, tape or pins

Tons of magazines- all kinds are best. Don’t just have Cosmo, mix it up with some Economist or Time.


Here’s the key to this all. You want to find pictures or words that MEAN something. Pictures or words that cause an emotion, a stirring of atoms in your being. something that generates a vibration in your energy. It is this feeling that you want to capture in your image or word. Cut out the item, then place it on the board. Repeat for as many dreams, wishes, goals or aspirations you have.

When it is complete, hang it where you can see it every day, in a place where you can invoke that energy vibration or feeling.

If you are more tech oriented, you can use a site like Pinterest or create something in Photoshop if you prefer. Whatever gets that feeling of excitement inside of you.

The idea is to NOT LIMIT YOURSELF. Pick whatever you want. I know it sounds weird- like I will never live in a 10 bedroom mansion- but if that is what you truly want, put the damn crib on there. The only way for something to come true, is if you wish it in the first place.



3 thoughts on “Have Vision, Will Dream (and Accomplish)

  1. I grew up doing vision boards, not knowing that’s what they’re called. I call mine a collage of dreams, a collage of things-to-do-before-I-die, a collage of goals. They vary in locations – walls, journals, back side of door closets.
    One of the things my therapist had me do after a revolutionary transformation in my life is to visualize. Create vision statements and from there apply a course of action for each. I had seven statements.
    This was a year ago. I’ve done something about the three. One in process. It isn’t easy. Lots of ack! moments. But to see them in my wall gives clarity for a path. Lots of trips and falls, bruised and wounded… but hey, they are my battle scars.
    Namaste! =)

  2. so, birthday girl – what came true??? happy happy – was thinking of you all weekend!

  3. I read about these in THE SOULMATE SECRET by Arielle Ford. But she called it a Treasure Map. I couldn’t find good samples. Wow. Some of the stuff I cut out from magazines are similar to the to one at the this blog. I need to buy a canvas board and get started. I want to take photos of before, during and after making it. I’m so excited about this.

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