It All Works Out

I have a few more trips scheduled for the year, as I am sure I will blog about in the coming months. One trip that I am excited for is a trip with a girlfriend to Australia for New Years. Except she told me tonight she would have to cancel the trip. My initial thought … Continue reading It All Works Out



While on my vacation getaway to Thailand, I made a lot of new friends (as indicated in some of my previous posts). One such friend I neglected to mention. I will take the opportunity to do so now. The Aussie arrived about two days before the end of the trip and accidentally inserted himself into … Continue reading FOMO

Riding in Planes and Cars with Boys (and Girls)

I arrived for my flight on Saturday morning, ready to embark on the 15 hour flight to Tokyo/Narita. I boarded the Singapore Air flight, and my first realization that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore greeted me at the door. The flight crew. They were the most delicate, sweet, gentle and well-dressed flight attendants and stewards … Continue reading Riding in Planes and Cars with Boys (and Girls)