The purpose of this blog is to share all of the other things I also love about my life here in L.A., mainly:

Yoga, love, relationships, food, TV, sales, music, friends, books, travel, and art/photography.

Think Huell Howser meets an Asian Martha Stewart and has a baby; that baby is me.

I’ll be posting intermittently… so check in weekdays, or sign up for the email notifications.

So, what makes me qualified to discuss these topics, you ask?

I have completed the 350 hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Mukti Yoga.

I have taken manual photography courses and completed my Fashion Design Certificate at Otis College of Art and Design, as well as a digital photography course at Big Picture.

In my single life, I had many relationships ranging in length from three months to four years- I’ve seen it all. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt may be the only one who’s had more relationship experience than I. I’m now happily married ❤️

I appreciate a good meal and a fine glass of vino.

I have taken courses at Rouxbe Cooking School.

I don’t have an extension in my passport, but I do have my share of stamps. I think I’m at around 30 countries and more than half the U.S. states.

I was in the most glorious book club of all time and run a women’s professional non-profit.

I’m funny as shiz.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your whole thing that you have going on. I love that fact that you are enjoyinh your life to the fullest…Travelling, Yoga, Foodie, Fashion and Vino. It sounds like me!!

    1. Thank you!!! Great minds think alike 😉 I love your blog too, may have to start following it… although it may take me a little while to go through all your recipes! Always looking for some easy yummy things to bring to book club.

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