It’s Been One Year

Happy Anniversary to me. Happy Anniversary to me. Happy Anniversary to Life, Love and Yoga. Happy Anniversary to me.


Oh yeah, Tax Day 2012, I started this bad boy. That was 250 posts ago. I had a couple of goals at that time.

1. Write a post five days a week. (I did nearly that- over 52 weeks – at 5 days a week- I had 250 posts= 4.8 posts per week).

2. Write about Life, Love and Yoga.

3. Clear my brain

4. Create my creative/writing outlet.

I can say that I’ve done it all.

So in honor of my one year anniversary… I’m shaking things up.


1. I will no longer post five days a week. That is tough. I’m shocked I still averaged 4.8 posts a week even with my travel schedule. So I’m gonna bring it down a notch… three days a week.

2. On the topic of three days a week… I’m getting back to basics. The focus of this blog. I will have three posts a week. One post will be on a topic in the realm of “Life” (which really, is a catchall). One post will be on the topic of “Love” (which has been on the heavy side in March/Feb). And one post will be dedicated weekly to “Car Shopping”. Psych! lol, duh. The third post weekly will be dedicated to “Yoga”. Bringing it on back.

3. My brain is sufficiently cleared. Three days a week on the three topics will keep me focused and keep me in check.

141 Countries and Counting!
141 Countries and Counting!

4. I have my writing outlet and it has been amazing! This blog has been read in 141 countries, if you can believe it!? So I’m going to keep producing.

This year has been such an amazing year. I traveled to four countries (another one next week!), met so many new people, became a certified yoga instructor, and a blogger. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

The Seattle Choke (photo via
The Seattle Choke (photo via

There is one more change. Every so often I post about my Seattle sports teams. I know that the bulk of this audience does not care about Seattle sports. So once a week, I am going to be blogging about Seattle Sports. Yes, I’ve created a new blog. This blog is a little special though… I’m not merely reporting on Seattle sports. I am posting about our greatest chokes. I know that seems very negative and odd, but I see it as more therapeutic to our fans. To check it out go to

Thank you for a very happy and fulfilling one year. I love hearing your comments and feedback, so stay tuned for my next post on the topics of life, love or yoga.


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