The Madness

Ok, something happened to me this week.

Something I have done every year for like fifteen years. And I didn’t do it this week because I straight up forgot.


My March Madness bracket.

WTH. How on earth did it slip my mind? I knew I needed to do it. I’ve been watching some of the teams during the regional tourneys. I even FBed my friend and said, “I’m filling it out! I’ll send you the cash!” And then… I didn’t.

WTH. Am I getting old? Is there too much going on?

I think the answer is yes. It is MADNESS. I have a helluva a lot going on. Work is consuming me- as it should be right now, because girlfriend needs to make some $$. I have a trip coming up next week to Argentina… and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be having some great and insightful posts from that trip. I have a sorority conference I am planning with two other gals. And I’m still trying to keep up my social calendar… just to keep the ‘play’ part in my life equation.

So you see, I clearly have too much going on. And so, I missed the window for my bracket picks.

And I feel like I have to get my thoughts out there somewhere… and, like duh. I have a blog. My readers are going to have to suffer through my satisfaction of posting my picks somewhere.

So, I’m sorry ladies (or gents) who do not follow college bball, every once in a while I have to throw in a sports-related post onto this page. I want to just throw it out there- only my final four and champion picks; 1) it would be unfair for my regular readers to read my whole bracket and 2)that would be somewhat cheating to post a whole bracket, as we are already in Day 2 of Round 1.

So here we go…. Final Four: Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas, Miami

Champ: I’m going on a limb here and gonna say Miami... ack.

I feel only 50% confident about that choice, but I literally just picked it today and I feel like Miami and Basketball are synonymous with destruction and winning this year. Whether college or NBA. We’ll see. I know  a lot of people thinking Kansas or Kansas State, some even Louisville.


You may think as a native PNWesterner, I would root for Gonzaga. I think of Gonzaga as the equivalent of Notre Dame football- minus that crazy dude with the made-up girlfriend who was really his guy-friend. An impressive season, however, the schedule was pretty weak and they are playing with the big boys now. They will get demolished by Kansas State.

I also don’t see Oregon getting past Lousiville, but you never know. Those Ducks are a sneaky breed. I think we all know how I feel about Oregon Duck football fans (just type “Oregon” in the search field to the right). I’ve never had the “pleasure” of co-mingling with a Duck basketball fan, but they seem a little gentler than their football counterparts.

So there you have it. I’m not gonna get any paydays or be able to follow along, side by side with others, but I do have the chance to enjoy a little slice of the Big Dance before I jet out of the country.


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