My Mind is Blank

I have been writing nearly every day (there were a couple of days in there I skipped, or if I was on vacation, I didn’t contribute as frequently) since April 2012. I have had that many ideas free-flowing in my head for a while now.

And last night… nothing. Today, I thought I would sit down and pen something. And still nothing. I believe this is what the apex of mediation is supposed to look like. The calming of the mind… of nothing but the sound of your breath. Stillness. Silence. Something that so many people- including myself- have tried in the past to achieve.


I have finally reached this point. My mind is quiet.

And I have no idea what to do with that.

My natural reaction is to go and sign up for a million classes and get my mind engaged again, moving. Racing. My brain loves the thrill and feel of being stretched, a bit uncomfortable… like the slight sting of a shower that’s the right temp, but just a touch too hot. That is what I want to do. Go find a new hobby, thing, go somewhere, do something.

But I won’t.

This time, I’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to stay here. I’m going to keep myself in this idleness. I’m not going to pile on activities. I’m not going to banish this eerie feeling of nothingness, I’m going to breathe through it. Live through it. I already have enough going on. Instead, I just need to get really good at what is going on in my life now.

my desk is so clean right now!

How often do we get the chance to further develop the things right in front of us? Spend more time with friends/family via phone, in person. Develop relationships. Focus on being the best I can be in my job. In my volunteer work. In writing.

Having a blank mind can be a good thing. I mean, this is what people try to accomplish all the time! Before falling asleep at night. Relaxing. Turning off the mind. There is a great article about being comfortable with an empty mind on The author states that the reason we are uncomfortable with an empty mind is that ‘there is a common belief that action always equals progress, and inaction always equals wasting time. “Successful” people, we tend to believe, are always on the go, and always have a clear sense of direction, and if we want to be successful we must do the same.’ I share this sentiment.

So I should feel so lucky- to have a calm mind. I mean,much of the purpose of yoga is to exhaust the body to the point where your mind also follows. Asana in yoga, is the practice of physical postures. As one practices Asana, it fosters a quieting of the mind, this is becomes both preparation for meditation and a meditation in of itself. If you want a quiet mind, and are having difficulty attaining it, (yes, ESPN!) has some suggestions- Seven Yoga Poses For a Calm Mind and Body.

But as for me? For once- I’m going to let my brain just chill, and enjoy this stillness. It’s only a matter of time before it gets overloaded again.


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