You are so Lucky


You are so lucky.

You obviously have internet/cell access that you can read this blog.

You are so lucky.

You probably have friends/family/loved ones – maybe not everyone, but you have at least someone.

You are so lucky.

You probably have food, clean air, mobility.

You are so lucky.

Even if you have none of these things… you have yourself.

You are so lucky.

I’ve posted many many posts on gratitude. It drives me nuts when people can’t be happy with what they have. When what you have is probably the most amazing scenario from the eyes of someone else. You ultimately decide  if what you have is enough. If you want to go for something more… don’t stop yourself, go for it, but appreciate where you are and where you’ve been, because to get to that next step, you had to get here first. And if you haven’t yet achieved that person/place/goal/thing? Maybe it wasn’t for you, because all you have is more than enough.

You are so lucky. Start being thankful for it.


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