Wanting What You Won’t Have

I wanted to title this post Wanting What You Can’t Have …. But truth be told, I believe anyone can have what they want if they are willing to sacrifice something for it.

Now, what if you want something – but you keep yourself from getting it? Because you won’t have it. Not self-sabotage or anything like that. More like, you keep yourself from getting it because you see the bigger picture and know in the long term- what you want now isn’t necessarily what you need long-term.

For example, you want to quit school because your heart’s not in it; you want to go off and live life and have fun with your friends instead if study. But you know better. You know you want to be (fill in the blank) and if you look at the bigger picture – what you actually want long-term outweighs any instant wants. What you need – is to finish school.

How do you stay focused on the end game? Keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel, when this temporary amazing light right in front of you shines so brightly?


It takes self-discipline, courage, and understanding your own limitations, strengths and weaknesses. Basically- it’s trusting yourself and setting yourself up to succeed.

Well I’m having a tough time with this right now…. But I do know myself and what is good for me and what I can handle. The big picture is too bright to fade away. It sucks giving up things now for something I can’t guarantee in the future, but if I don’t do it, I figure- I won’t have that future!


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