Keep it Clear

Do you ever feel like you just have too much sh%^ lying around? Just. Too. Much. Sh%^. Ok, this is a bit extreme…

That is how I feel right now. Honestly, I just have ‘stuff’. I realized this when I was thinking about my photo of the day. The professor and I found a 30 Day Photo Challenge on Pinterest and we have been diligently following this challenge on Instagram with our iPhones (ok, how many products/services can I name in one sentence? Lol).

Each day asks you to photograph something specific… one day was a self-portrait, another was something green, a sunset. You get it, right? Well, today is “yourself with 13 things.” Huh? So I’m thinking about the thirteen things… and my thought is, I should probably pick thirteen things that actually represent me, since I need to be in this picture too… and the two thoughts going through my mind as I’m searching for items are 1) how personal do I want to get on this thing and 2) I have a lot of sh$%.

I haven’t collected all my items yet, but now thought #2 has permeated my mind. I need to clear all the stuff out. I’m a big fan of Feng Shui, a big fan of “your environment reflects your soul”… etc. My soul? Ha ha. A little messy and full of sh$% right now. But how do I get rid of stuff? I’ve got a sentimental side. And don’t even get me started with books… I’m happy with them collecting dust so long as they are in my life. Why do I have all this stuff? I mean, seriously, it’s just stuff. I don’t really care about any of it (well, maybe my pre-digital photos), and can get rid of it any time. Why do I hold onto that sweater I still haven’t worn in eight years but keep it because it’s cute and I might actually wear it this year?

Glad I kept that denim jacket 🙂

I think clearing things out starts with a plan- setting up parameters for measuring whether something stays or goes. If I have not worn something in a year, I’ll usually give it up. If every time I come into my closet and skip over it- into the pile. Fortunately for me the girls in my bookclub are similarly sized and anything they don’t want- I know for sure, I probably shouldn’t want either, so I donate it.

How do you clear clutter from you life? There are so many resources out there on clearing out ‘your closet’…. people you can hire to do it for you, even. Hell, there’s a show on hoarding (which is so addicting and sad, btw). Have you ever cleared out your closet/garage/house and ever said, ‘ooh, I feel really bad about all this.” Yeah, didn’t think so. It feels good to let go of old stuff holding you back and keeping you from bringing anything new in. Years can fly by without us realizing it and all of sudden our curtains have been here for ten years.

Time to change things up, clear things out, and bring in the new.

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