Rebel Inside

When I was searching for a photo to describe a ‘rebel’ two things kept popping up:

1) Southern Confederacy/Flags

2) Islamic Rebels

How funny that these two things are related!!!

But that wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for rebelliousness…. breaking the rules, throwing caution to the wind, all that good stuff.

Rebel Without A Cause

Yes, that pesky rebel inside of you. I’ve learned to quell that little voice – well, my whole life, actually. I have always been the good girl- followed rules, listened to teachers, did what I was told. Thought out action and consequence. Made the right choices. Made the safe choices. Stayed out of trouble. Was a model student.

But I have come to a new conclusion. I’m never running for office. I’m not out to impress anyone. I don’t have kids to embarrass. I still have to be cognizant of my corporate America job and my family (hence, the reason I will never go on The Bachelor). But you know what? It’s high time I rebelled a little. Not stick to the rules or the structure- just have fun.

That’s what I did on Sunday. I broke all sorts of rules. My internal rules. I let it go for one day- and it was f’in fun. I’m not going to live like that every day- it’s not realistic- but it’s fun every once in awhile. I’m not sixteen anymore and I am still aware of who and what is around me- but it honestly felt good to just let go. Spontaneous. Rule-breaking. Good ol’ fashioned fun.

“What is life but a series of inspired follies?”
                                               -George Bernard Shaw

When was the last time you let your rebel inside just go?


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