Walk Of Shame


Parking for yoga class at about 9am on Sunday morning… I sat in my car and gathered up my items. As I was sitting there, two twenty-something gals, sauntered up the sidewalk. It was a weird combination of speed walking and slow walking. And then I realized why.

One gal, the driver, was wearing five-inch stripper heels, a mini skirt, and see-through crocheted sweater (I know that is trendy now, but it was 9am). Definitely had the look of “brushing her teeth with her finger and/or not at all”. The other one, long brownish hair, short shorts, tank and had equally high platform shoes. Both had clutches and both haggardly looked like ‘we killed it last night,  just shacked up at some dude in Manhattan Beach’s house (score!) and we’d better move our car before the meter starts at nine!”

I’m sure they got in their car and stopped off at Jack in the Box for something Swavory on their way home.

It made me chuckle,  and even caused me to write a FB status update- it was so entertaining.

Courtesy Robert Marbury

Look, I’m not making fun here. I was twenty-two once in my life. I get it. You drink too much. You meet some cute guy. Or your friend does, and you have to play wing gal. Maybe make out a little. And you do the walk of shame, to your house, your car. You may have your outfit on from the night before. You may not have been able to find your shoes, so you are shoeless. Or maybe you can’t find your shirt. You might have to resort to wearing a three-sizes too-big sweatshirt or something. But guess what… now there’s a remedy for that!!!


So, the next time you ladies get a little too drunky and can’t seem to find your shirt (or bra, apparently), ‘borrow’ a button-down shirt from the guy instead, and watch and learn all the amazing things you can do with it in this video. The video is pretty amazing and has some super cute ideas. You may actually come out of there looking more fashionable than when you arrived.

Ex-men’s shirt as new dress for you from Kati Turkina on Vimeo.


One thought on “Walk Of Shame

  1. The best day to watch the walk of shames is the day after a Halloween celebration! I was enjoying breakfast at a window seat this past year and could not stop cracking up as the French maids and nurses scrambled to their car. ha!

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