Hot (Damn!) Yoga

No, no. Not Bikram. Yeecccchhhhhh. I hope I didn’t offend you Bikram diehards out there. It’s just not for me. The yelling, the structure, the heat (which most places crank it much higher, btw), the hallucinations (was that just me?). … Continue reading

You Learn

And rounding out my week of songs? Ms. Alanis. You learn. Life is going to give us lessons that frankly, we don’t want. Trust me, I’ve been living a lifetime of them. I think the important thing to realize is … Continue reading

Pop the Cherry

Another 2 in 1 post. First up- Pitting a Cherry- the elegant (and gadget-free) way. How do you get that pesky pit out of the cherry? I’ve seen paperclip methods, gadget methods, messy methods, but I think this method from … Continue reading